Fenty Lip gloss Reviews Curated By Beauty Stylists

Have you been looking for a lip gloss brand that gives you soft and full lips? Fenty Lipgloss helps you to achieve this. The best part of the Fenty Lipgloss reviews as seen online is that, you can decide to use it alone or as a gloss over your lipstick.


  • It moisturizes the lips and smells nice.
  • The range of available colors are flattering.


Customer Reviews

We have curated some Fenty Lipgloss reviews by some beauty stylists.

Product Nation

Simple and natural looking lips do not require much effort – especially when it comes to Fenty Beauty who are all about effortless beauty. The Universal Lip Luminizer, in the shade diamond milk, is a colorless gloss that contains mind-blowing shimmer to give your lips that extra oomph. You can wear the lip gloss alone or over any lipstick for a ‘wow’ factor.

Her World

I was a bit doubtful about this lip gloss that was said to be a universal shade for all skin tones… until I tried it on a few of my colleagues. It made every pair of lips look instantly glamorous with a hint of natural pinkish color.


This is the best gloss I’ve ever tried. It’s super glossy, not sticky, and smells great!



Fenty Lipgloss Reviews

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Are glossy lips attractive?

Yes, they are. The way gloss reflects and absorbs light makes the lips look more attractive.

Does lip gloss make the lips fuller or thinner?

Using the lip gloss will make your lips fuller but if you want to make them thinner, you should use lipstick to make that happen.

How long does a lip gloss last on the lips before drying out?

How long your lip gloss lasts depends on the brand of lip gloss you’re using and the activities you do while wearing the lip gloss. In most cases though, you may need to reapply the gloss a couple of times in a day.

Our Verdict

This is a lipstick that we recommend for all who desire to have nice looking full lips. The Fenty Lipgloss reviews relate that this gloss lasts for a long period so, you don’t need to worry about getting dry lips before returning back from your date or whatever activities you have lined up for the day.

For (+)

  • Properly lubricates the lips for a long-lasting effect
  • Safe for a lengthy period usage

Against (-)

  • It is too sticky so you don’t want your hair to get stuck on such.

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