Father’s Day is almost here once again and soon, you will get another great opportunity to celebrate a very important man in your life – Your Dad!
For your father, it should mean an entire day of being laid back and receiving the appreciation that he very much deserves, preferably with a chilled and malty beverage within arm’s reach. 
But for you, Fathers Day will likely mean an intense last-minute scramble for any gift you deem suitable for his Herculean status in your life.
So Fathers Day 2019 would be the perfect time to get him a savvy gift to show your old man that you’ve noticed.
But seriously though, how bad-ass is your father?  He has always been supporting you, taught you lots of cool (and some weird) stuff, listened to all your endless complaints and stories, taught you a few inappropriate jokes, and hardly yelled at you for wrecking his vehicle.  Ok, fine, he probably yelled, a lot. 
My point here is that Fathers day comes around just once each year and it might be the only time you actually get to buy him a nice gift so you should endeavor to make it something that he loves and appreciates.
On that sunny day June, your father deserves to be pampered and feel appreciated. Don’t you agree? After all, he has done so much good in your life for so long, from childhood right through to your adulthood.
So whether you are treating him to brunch or perhaps planning on a lengthy phone call, make sure you sweeten the moment with a thoughtful gift from our Fathers day 2019 Singapore collection that will really express to him how valuable he is to you.
That’s why we have put together this guide for the perfect Fathers Day 2019 Singapore gifts.
This is a list with tons of curated gift items that every dad will dig, love and use.
We have been there; we are aware of how difficult it can be to locate something suitable for Dad. We can guarantee that even the toughest and most difficult fathers will want something out of our list.
Are you pressed for time in 2019? Hoppingo can assist you because we have tracked down a selection of super traditional dad gifts – enter cologne and sneakers! – Found some über cool tech gadgets he will obsess over – hi there remote access everything! – We even went the extra mile to recommend some gifting ideas which he might want deep down, but perhaps he’s just too selfless to buy for himself. 
Either way, your dad already loves you to bits; but he will love you even more for your thoughtfulness on this special day.
Father’s Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June. While it may seem like you have enough time to spare, it is best to begin planning now to make sure that this special day does not sneak up on you.
Father’s Day Online Shopping Tips

Your Budget – If you are undecided on what you want to get your number 1 guy for Fathers day, bear in mind that showing appreciation does not require breaking the bank. It is really the thought that matters.

Be realistic by staying within your means.

Dad Type – What does daddy enjoy? This is exactly the sort of question you have to answer. Is he a movie buff? A music lover? A pair of trendy, new headphones. Does he like to run? He might enjoy one of our fitness trackers that can monitor his progress.

Be sure to take his lifestyle into account when you’re shopping for the right gift.

Personalized – If you’ve got enough time, consider giving father a customized gift. Whether it’s a monogram or an engraving, personalizing your gift is an excellent way to honor him, and make your dad feel exclusive.

Treat your father or hubby to any of the neat Fathers Day 2019 Singapore gift ideas curated by Hoppingo on that special day.
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Author: Team Hoppingo