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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Hoppingo?
We are a meta search engine for fashion and lifestyle products. In simpler words, we are a directory of everything e-commerce. So if you are looking for a pair of jeans, instead of going to 10 sites, you can simply come to us and we will show you every pair of jeans the e-commerce world has to offer in one place. Saves time, saves energy and you will never experience FOMO ever again! 
2) What is Hoppingo aiming to do?
Hoppingo wants to make sure you've seen it all before you decide to buy. That's why we don't play favorites. Instead, our algorithms are designed to pick up products from all e-stores big and small and give you a fun instant catalog!
But that's not all. As a member, you can create boards with your favorite products, follow other boards and have your very own online wish list. We also have famous bloggers pinning their favorite e-commerce finds, so the shopping party never ends!
3) How is Hoppingo different from an online shopping site?
Well, we don't sell anything, we only showcase products from several partner e-commerce stores in one place. We've felt your pain of buying one thing and then finding something even better a week later. So we decided that if you need to shop online, you need one place that you can go to and see all your options. That's us! 
4) What are the special features that can benefit me as a user?
As a Hoppingo user, not only do you get to enjoy shorter search times and all products in one place but you can also read delightful shopping wisdom columns and newsletters. Further, you can even join in as a curator yourself. Yes, you can create your own wish list from our partner stores and revisit, share and buy off it anytime. But that’s not all! If you make your list of curated products public, we will tell you how popular you are as a curator and if someone buys off your list, we will reward you for it. This could potentially mean a whole lot of free shopping courtesy Hoppingo!
5) I am an online store. How can I benefit from Hoppingo?
6) I am a blogger and i'd like to contribute articles to Hoppingo.How can I do that?
Write to us hello@hoppingo.com
7) I am a seller on facebook/whatsapp. How can I benefit from Hoppingo?
Not right now. But if you are truly awesome and doing something clutter breaking, we can talk about you in our shopping wisdom section. Write to hello@hoppingo.com