With various innovative skincare products born every day, non-stop launches and endless stream of trends have taken over social media.
The modern era beauty industry is thriving on newness.
The beauty market must, therefore, be even more innovative with products in 2019 to make sure that the on-going romance with its audience continues.
Personalization will surely be a keyword for the year ahead, with consumers demanding for skincare products that make them look more like their natural selves.
However, among all the hype some new beauty treatments are more fundamental than others. Last year, conversations about sustainability in the skincare industry boomed, while more commitments to greater inclusion and diversity were made. So what’s next for 2019?
I love analyzing cosmetic trends, and will undoubtedly continue doing so this year! 
I also enjoy guessing what lies ahead in the approaching months in terms of trending skincare routines in today’s beauty world.
Let us now gaze into my crystal ball to see beauty trend that will soar in 2019 with regards to makeup and skincare.
Now Trending! Facial Rollers
If you love to follow up on what’s happening in the beauty market and trying new skincare routines, chances are you’ve encountered the facial roller.
These beautifully crafted crystal rollers – mostly made of rose quartz and jade– are being talked about by all beauty expert’s world-over, and we even tried a couple out just to see if they were worth the hype (I’ll admit that we were a bit skeptical). Also, they look charming sitting on any bathroom cabinet.
Facial Roller Benefits
If by now you haven’t heard about facial rolling, here’s an opportunity to learn the awesome benefits of this skincare routine on your skin and facial structure.
The popularity of facial rolling has exploded in 2019. Retailers and brands everywhere, conventional and natural, have started stocking them, thus making them even more accessible to customers than before.
Facial rollers have successfully taken the skincare industry by storm due to their ability to minimize puffiness, relieve facial tension (which leads to wrinkles), and prevent acne.
Not only are facial roller treatments relaxing and stress-relieving, they are also capable of eliminating impurities, and enhancing the circulation of blood.
The simple science behind the action of facial rolling is by massaging your lymphatic nodes, which increases general circulation and helps with getting rid of excess water and toxins around your face, neck, as well as collar bone area.
Facial rollers also help our skin to better absorb other skincare products which we apply on our faces, such as moisturizers, gels, oils, and serums. Also, that feeling of the jade or rose quartz crystal is quite soothing and gentle to touch — it sure has a strong therapeutic appeal!
How to Use Facial Rollers
Facial rollers typically come with rollers at each end, one small and another larger one. To use a facial roller, simply dab on some of your favorite moisturizing serum or gel then start rolling gently in an upward direction from your collar bones and neck region working all the way up to the entire forehead area. Make use of the larger facial roller on your collar bones, neck, and cheeks, then switch to the small roller for massaging around both eyes and forehead. 
Find our facial roller picks for 2019 from Sephora. Are you ready to try them?


Author: Swati Gauba

Swati regularly indulges in retail therapy, online. She is an avid traveler. She has a very curious mind and a terrific sense of team and loyalty. She's a constant learner and loves to stay updated in a fast changing space.