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To maintain a clear, smooth and healthy looking face, you need a very good facial cleanser and Olay Facial Cleanser does a great job of detoxifying the facial skin, including removing every form of dullness from it. The Olay Facial Cleanser reviews below mostly mention how the cleanser does a great job of making the face glow and radiate always.


  • Regenerates skin surface.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Reviews Curated by Hoppingo

Andrea on Amazon said uses the product in the evening to remove the make-up she applies during the day. By using this product, she has been able to reduce the appearance of her skin issues, including rosacea. Although she still uses a cover stick occasionally, her face is not as terrible as it was before using this Olay cleanser.

Spikey said she has been using Olay Facial Cleanser for many years and at age 54, she still gets annoying acne breakouts which Olay cleanser helps to stop. This product guarantees her soft, thoroughly clean, and glowing skin and she doesn’t need to try any other product.

Beayoutiful said it is an amazing product which she shares with her mom. They both enjoy the soothing feeling and effectiveness this Olay cleanser provides.


facial cleanser olay reviews

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  • Does Olay Facial Cleanser work for acne?

Yes, it helps treat and remove acne and other acne-related facial issues.

  • Does Olay Regenerist cause peeling?

This Olay product is more active than others and so causes a change in the skin that you can see and feel. One of such changes is the peeling of skin. The peeling removes layers of dead cells that can make the skin look dull at first but a new layer will shine through afterwards.

  • Is Olay Facial Cleanser recommended by dermatologists?

Yes, this product is one of the top facial treatments that are dermatologists recommend.

Our Verdict

Just like the Facial Cleanser Olay reviews pointed out, this is a product worth buying over and again.

For (+)

  • Makes the skin bright and smooth.
  • Cleans even down to the skin pores.

Against (-)

  • Your skin may peel after usage

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