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The Ponds face powder helps the skin feel fresh and, soft. Also, it helps to hide blemishes and gives the face a pinkish-white glow peculiar to the skin of Singaporeans. The face powder even prevents damage to the skin as a result of sun UV rays. we have provided some Face Powder Ponds reviews from various beauty product influencers.



  • Ponds face powder contains pro-vitamin B3
  • This face powder prevents the skin from harsh sun UV rays
  • It tones the skin evenly

Customers’ Reviews 

Face Powder Ponds Reviews from customers affirm that the product is adequate for all skin types. Users of the product immensely enjoy the fact that powder makes them feel comfortable, evenly tones the skin and hides blemishes.

Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Blogs

Ramramyeon, a beauty blogger who uses Ponds face powder attests to its super oil control effect. She also likes the travel-friendly bottle it comes in. She also verified on her blog post that the powder texture is incredibly soft and easily blends with the skin as verified by her on her blog post.

Face Powder Ponds reviews by Peepingpomerarian ranked high on the list of face powders she reviewed on her blog. She stated that Ponds face powder truly gives protection against sun rays and makes the skin feel smooth and fresh. However, she mentioned that the powder should not take the place of sunscreen lotion.

Whataphrodyutisees wrote in a blog about her experience while using Ponds face powder, especially how much she likes the sunscreen protecion the product offers. She believes it is specially made for oily and sensitive skin types as it has a superb oil-control effect.



Face Powder Ponds reviews

You can check out more Face Powder Ponds reviews and the prize of the product on Amazon.

Common FAQs on Face Powder Ponds

1. Does Ponds face powder cause irritation?

No, this face powder doesn’t cause irritation. In fact, it prevents irritation and is suitable for all skin types.

2. Is it suitable for Asian skin types?

Yes, Ponds face powder is specially made for the Asian kind of skin, including people in Singapore.

Our Verdict

For (+)

  • You can apply Ponds face powder to all skin types.
  • It reduces friction and hides blemish on the skin.
  • The powder has extra protection from harsh weather conditions.


Against (-)

  • Some customers consider its fragrance offensive.

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