Eyeliner Maybelline Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Are you in need of an eyeliner that can stand the test of water, oil, and even sweat? From the Eyeliner Maybelline reviews curated by beauty editors, this brand might be the choice to go for. You don’t get to worry about your sweat or water smudging the eyeliner when you apply it.


  • This eyeliner is sweat, water, and oil resistant.
  • It gives a sharp look.

Reviews by Customers & Bloggers

Below are some eyeliner Maybelline reviews by beauty and makeup experts. They have some good things to say about the product.

Drum It Loud- Singapore’s #1 Shopping Guide said the Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyelights Liner comes in handy for a glamorous or date night out. Its formula comes with glittery highlights that sparkle and add a special touch to your eye makeup. The soft brush applicator glides across your eyelids easily and applies a generous amount of eyeliner. This makes it easy to use and allows you to get ready quickly.

Nuree reviewed the product in The Smart Local, and said when it comes to eyeliner and mascara, no doubt I would pick Maybelline over anything else. For one thing, it is affordable and also easy to get at quite a number of stores like Watsons or Guardian. Plus, they have quite a wider range to choose from. I think that if you want to go for something affordable and still give you much options in terms of eye products, go for Maybelline.

Product Nation thinks very highly of the product. Are you always struggling to create the perfect cat eye? Fret not, Maybelline Hyper Tight Line will make your worries disappear! With the angled design and ultra-fine brush tip, this eyeliner will help ease up your eye makeup process.



eyeliner maybelline reviews

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Is it better to use liquid or pencil eyeliner?

Both types of eyeliner are good and you can decide to use any. However, it is advisable for beginners to start with the pencil eyeliner because it doesn’t smear easily and it distributes well across the eyelids.

Does eyeliner makes the eyes bigger?

It is a two way thing, it can either make your eyes bigger or smaller depending on the shade you use and how you apply it. Using a bold color will make the eyes look small while using a light color will make your eyes look bigger. So you can pick the shade to use depending on the effect you want to achieve.

For how long should I have a particular eyeliner brand?

Ideally, every makeup product should be replaced every six months or so.

Our Verdict

Eyeliner Maybelline is the type of eyeliner we recommend for everyone who wants to look very good.

For (+)

  • This eyeliner gives you an all-day wear benefit without smudging.

Against (-)

  • It might smudge when applied on the lower lid.

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