Sephora Exclusive Velour Lashes Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Eyelashes are a godsend. With them, having scanty and barely-visible natural lashes don’t have to hinder you from going all out with your makeup. Velour Eyelashes are natural looking and has a volume that is just right. Below are some Eyelashes Velour reviews by beauty connoisseurs.


  • Effortless lash application
  • Requires no measuring or trimming
  • Long- lasting

Eyelashes Velour Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

A reviewer on Boots said that this Velour falsie is exactly what she has been looking for because she struggled with other brand’s eyelashes She said they are lightweight and very easy to apply, even for beginners. They make you feel like you’re not wearing lashes at all.

Rebecca of BusinessInsider recommended the Velour lashes effortless kit for beginners or people who like to shop for their beauty items in one place. The highlight of the product is the lash applicator and lash that come with the lash kit. Also, you can reuse the lashes multiple times before it becomes unusable.

Noelle on Sephora thought that the lash kit is good for newbies with little knowledge of how to apply lashes. She likes the bottle of glue and mini lash applicator that accompanies the kit.


eyelashes velour reviews

The Sephora Exclusive Velour Lashes is available on SEPHORA for $45.00

Common FAQs on Eyelashes Velour

  • Are Velour Lashes worth it?

Reviews show that they are indeed worth the price

  • How long do Velour lashes last?

If you take care of them by cleaning them up after each use, they will last you a while.

  • Can you swim in fake eyelashes?

Provided you allow the lashes stay glued on properly before getting them wet

Our Verdict

Velour eyelashes are the perfect choice to boost the eyelashes.

For (+)

  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect for first time users
  • Durable

Against (-)

  • Might not be suitable for individuals with small eyes

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