Sephora False Eyelashes Reviews By Top Beauty Bloggers

Are you looking for that eyelash that makes you look dramatic in an attractive yet stylish way? Here is the Sephora Eyelashes starter kit to the rescue! Below are some Eyelashes Sephora Reviews by top beauty bloggers.


  • Comes with two tubes of glue.
  • It has an applicator for easy use.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Alleylashes affirmed that Sephora eyelashes is suitable for all occasions and it blends easily with makeup to give an extra- ordinary look and elegance.

Business Insider reviewed brands that produce quality eyelashes and the Sephora eyelashes made the list. They consider it lightweight, soft and of high quality for easy application.

Ashley wrote that she bought this starter kit because of the little lash applicator in the package but she is  glad about  two eye lash glue bottles and sample eyelash included in it for beginners.


eyelashes sephora reviews

The Sephora false eyelashes cost $24 on Sephora.

Common FAQs on Eyelashes Sephora

  • Is it easy to use as I am a learner at applying makeup?

Yes, it comes in a set that includes glue and an applicator. Instructions are on the kit for easy usage

  • Is it comfortable to wear?

Yes, it is. The latex-free lash adhesive coupled with other ingredients makes it super comfy.

  • How many times can I use this false lashes before I dispose it?

You should dispose this lashes when it starts to shed or look overused.

Our Verdict

For (+)

  • Comes in different lengths and depths for different looks.
  • Easy to apply and peel off.
  • It looks and feels just like normal eyelashes

Against (-)

  • Takes a lot of time to fix the eyelashes.

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