Lavie Lash Eyelashes  Reviews By Top Beauty Bloggers

Do you want false eyelashes that will give you volume and length yet, make you look natural? The luscious Lavie Lash pack will provide you with the perfect look. There are many Eyelashes Lavie Lash Reviews but we have selected some by beauty bloggers and stylists.


  • Looks natural in length and thickness.
  • Soft and lush

Reviews By Top Beauty Bloggers

Caseya said she made the last pair in the pack and she loved it. She also loves that she could maintain her natural look even though she has on fake lashes. The thin thread doesn’t stick out in the eyes and she has been able to use the high quality lashes multiple times.

Nurul said this is the best brand of false eyelashes she had ever used because it is light and very easy to use. The size fits so well that she didn’t need to trim the edges. The lashes are not stiff, and they are durable for achieving different looks on various occasions.

Jaisree Anpha said Eyelashes Lavie Lash is a great pack if you’ve got sisters to share it with as not all designs are going to work for you. Super lightweight and easy to use lashes. Lavie lashes has been her go to for a long time. You will not feel like you are wearing lashes.


eyelashes lavie lash reviews

Lavie Lash is on Sephora for $33.00

Frequently asked questions

Can I wear false eyelashes every day?

Yes, you can wear false eyelashes every day but if you will do that, it is important you take care of your eyelashes by putting serum or Vaseline on it every night. When you want to pull out the eyelashes, don’t do it forcefully but rather, remove it carefully.

Do I fix the fake eyelashes to my eye lashes or eye lid?

Fix it to the upper line of your eye lashes and not eyelids.

Can I sleep with my fake eyelashes on?

It is not always good to sleep with fake lashes on because the fake eyelashes can put some weight on your original lashes and lead to lash loss.

Our Verdict

The Eyelashes Lavie Lash Reviews reveal that you can maintain your natural look when you fix Lavie eyelashes.

For (+):

  • Great quality and affordable.
  • Long lasting.
  • Can be easily applied.

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