Huda Beauty Classic Eyelashes Reviews Curated From Web

Huda Beauty eyelashes is popular for adding volume and length while still helping you look natural. Below are some eyelashes Huda Beauty reviews by beauty blogs, beauty editors and users.


  • Very durable.
  • Made of high quality.

Customer Reviews

Annabel Tan on L’officiel recommended this lashes to people who like to use false lashes occasionally. Huda’s BeautyClassic Lash Collection is lightweight and range from subtle to more dramatic styles. They like this particular design because it is long but has medium volume, which amplifies any eye makeup look without seeming overdone.

Cult Beauty called this product Huda Beauty’s bestselling style, because the lashes suit all eye shapes and is suitable for layering, especially for those who like a dramatic impact.

Samina Imran said she bought this eyelashes for her daughter who loved and wore them at every chance she got. Every time she goes out people commend and ask her for the lash brand she is putting on.


eyelashes huda beauty reviews

Get Huda Beauty eyelashes on Sephora for $40.00.


  • Why are Huda products expensive?

The price of Huda products reflect the quality of the products and the consumers the brand is targeting.

  • Does the use of fake eyelashes destroy my real ones?

The only reason why fake eyelashes can destroy your real eyelashes is if you pull with force when removing the fake ones which you should actually remove gently.

  • Can I use mascara on my fake eyelashes?

Yes, you can.

Our Verdict

Huda Beauty eyelashes are so durable and awesome that you can use and reuse several times. Also, you don’t need to use mascara on them to look good. From the Eyelashes Huda Beauty Reviews, we agree that this Huda Beauty eyelashes brand is a good one.

For (+)

  • Lightweight
  • Gives a natural look.

Against (-)

  • It is a little but expensive for just a pair.

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