Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate hence; it should be treated with utmost care. One way to reduce the occurrence of ageing, dark circles or eye bags is by using eye creams. Laneige Eye cream is an anti- wrinkle functional eye cream that also repairs damage and moisturizes the fragile eye area. Below are some Eye Cream Laneige Reviews by beauty connoisseurs.


  • Advanced ceramide water.
  • Strengthens the eye contours skin barrier.
  • Has Tocopherol’s anti- oxidant effect that makes the eye contour area smooth.

 Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Cosmily Skincare Community did a thorough review of the ingredients in this product which revealed that Laneige Eye Cream contains hydrating properties for dehydrated eye contours. It also features a moisture wrap technology that continuously moisturizes the skin and sunscreen protection from sun rays.

Ryan Lim for BestinSingapore stated that moisturizing with the eye cream lets the skin around the eyes recover from every day stress.

Jennifer gave a review on Influenster about how this product is a nice silky eye cream. She thought it is a bit thicker than the regular eye cream but, still super hydrating. The best part for her is that you only need to apply a little bit each time. This means a jar can last about 4 months.


eye cream laneige

Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream, 20ml can be found on Amazon


Common FAQs on Eye Cream Laneige

  • What is the best eye cream you can buy?

Laneige eye cream is one of the best eye creams you can find

  • Is it okay to put eye cream on eyelids?

Eye creams should be applied near the eyes, but it should not be applied on the top eyelid and directly below the bottom lashes.

  • How should I choose eye cream?

For oily skin, choose an eye cream that does not contain oil, and for a dry skin, use a moisturizing eye cream. For a combination skin, use an eye cream that suits both dry and oily skin.

Our Verdict

We think that Laneige Eye Cream works well in ensuring that the skin around the eyes stays firm and healthy looking.

For (+)

  • Hydrates and moisturizes the eyes
  • Long-lasting

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