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Almost everyone has to deal with dark circles or uneven tones underneath the eyes and a good eye cream is the answer to restoring life to that part of the face. Clinique eye cream claims to be a very effective eye cream for preventing and curing puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles and also makes the eye area soothing and hydrated. The Eye Cream Clinique Reviews give more details of how effective the eye cream is.


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Provides intense hydration

Reviews Curated From Web

Nancy said this Clinique eye cream is a good eye moisturizer which does help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. However, she doesn’t know if will help to reduce puffiness as she doesn’t experience under-eye puffiness. At the time of writing this review, she was only few weeks into using the product so, she had high hopes that it will produce better results, especially since it costs a lot.

Isabel said this Clinique eye cream is the best eye cream she has ever tried; it is not too heavy and not too thin. The tub lasts such a long time that she only has to buy 3 times a year so, it is fairly good value for money if you’re worrying about the size. She recommends for all skin types.

Gio said that although the eye cream helped with reducing her fine lines but, it didn’t do much for erasing her dark circles. However, it contains botanical extracts that helps to keep the under-eye are soft and well moisturized.

Glamrs highly recommends this product as seen in the video below:



eye cream clinique reviews

Eye Cream Clinique is on Sephora.


  • Does Eye Cream Clinique work for dark circles?

Yes, the product description claim it does.

  • Can Clinique Eye Cream permanently erase dark circles?

Yes, it can if your actions are also geared towards making it happen. For instance, lack of sleep majorly causes dark circles and for the cream to work effectively, it is better to have enough sleep.

  • Is it true that Cucumber help cure dark circles?

Yes, it soothes and brightens the eye area where dark circles are.

Our Verdict

We recommend Eye Cream Clinique for everyone after having a radiant-looking eye area with zero wrinkles and dark circles. This is an eye cream that works for all skin types so you don’t even have to worry about suitability.

For (+):

  • Treats dryness of skin.
  • Last for a long time.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates well.

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