Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliator Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

If you are looking to make your facial skin smooth and glow beautifully, Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser is one of the best exfoliators to help you achieve that. Below are some Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliator reviews from beauty connoisseurs who attest to the product’s goodness.


  • Oil-free.
  • Boost skin’s hydration.
  • Prevents skin breakouts.

Customer Reviews

Tracy said it is a great exfoliator that does its job well. She didn’t like that it cost a bit too much and it dries out her face, but it’s still a win-win for her because it leaves her face smooth and bright.

Shundara thought the exfoliator is gentle, has a subtle smell that’s not overpowering and cleanses in a way that leaves the skin smooth. Although it left her skin with a bit of rough texture, it’s nothing a good moisturizer can’t fix.

Crystal Herndon said she tried this for the first time, and she is in love. She doesn’t have to use oil after her shower because it is perfect for her oily skin. She loves the way it makes her skin feel all day long.


exfoliator neutrogena reviews

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliator is on iHerb for $12.92.


  • Does Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser work for acne on the face?

Yes, it works and treats skin breakouts.

  • How often should I use this exfoliating cleanser?

Since it is a cleanser, you should use daily but if you have sensitive skins, you may want to alternate usage.

  • Does Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser make the skin lighter?

This product brightens your face naturally but it doesn’t change your skin color.

Our Verdict

We agree that the Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser is a wonderful product and recommend it for anyone who desires to have a clean and smooth skin.

For (+)

  • It is affordable.
  • Removes dead skin
  • Make the skin soft and smooth.
  • Controls oily skin


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