Consumer Sampling Programs

Consumer sampling programs are increasingly being used by businesses to develop user-generated content (UGC) and boost customer awareness and conversions. When it comes to generating awareness, product sampling can stimulate purchasers to discuss products online and in person.

A well-executed sampling campaign engage customers across the entire sales funnel by sparking social content and enhancing ratings and reviews, which is important because online reviews do influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

And what could be a better option for consumers than offering a product sample?

Giving away products for sampling can help you and your brand attract new customers while also retaining existing ones. Free product trials is a novel marketing strategy and has a long history.

Benjamin T. Babbitt, a soap producer in the nineteenth century, gave away free samples of his soap to critics and turned them into regular customers.

Here are four reasons why consumer sampling programs are the best

  • It generates great buzz for your brand

People enjoy receiving gifts and free samples. Consumer sampling programs are a great way of getting into the consideration set of your consumer. Consumers give you valuable information about your product or service in return for getting a free trial and they’re more likely to tell their friends and family about your products and brand.

Sample distribution offers extra value to the relationship between customers and business, boosting the possibility that they will tell others about it (and make a repeat purchase!).

  • It entices customers to try more of your company’s items

Offering samples reduces some people’s nervousness about trying out your company’s other offerings and it also allows your customers to test out the quality of your products which further can lead to the sale of your new product as your customers are familiar with the quality of your product. If consumers have a positive experience, they are more likely to try out your new products.

  • It strengthens brand-consumer interactions

Distribution of product trials may go a long way in establishing a successful brand. Consumers get a chance to actively engage with the brand which goes a long way in establishing trust and loyalty. Next time they are on an aisle online or offline, and they see a brand that they have tried, there are much higher chances of conversion.

  • It increases the popularity of your brand

Let’s say you have a wonderful brand and a great relationship with your customers, but would it harm to put a few more smiles on their faces?

You may brighten your customers’ days and make them feel loved and cared for. People enjoy receiving samples because it makes them feel valued and joyful. As a result, consumer sampling programs to attract new clients and convert existing ones into loyal ones.

Implementing sampling programs for your brand helps boost the image of your brand in the eyes of users, as it promotes you as a brand that never takes customers for granted.

At Hoppingo, we help you with setting up a sustainable and cost effective sampling program for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is consumer sampling?

Consumer sampling is prospecting and targeting your audience with samples to try. This leads to repeat purchases most brands that have good quality products choose this channel for marketing.

  • What are sampling programs?

Sampling programs are an effective channel for marketing. Traditionally sampling programs were difficult to execute as it required way too much planning and manpower. With digital sampling programs, it is easier to send out samples to your audience. Sampling programs are a great way to increase sales.

  • How to advertise free samples?

It becomes extremely expensive to advertise for samples and send out samples to consumers. This is the reason hiring product trial companies that can handle end-to-end product trials for your brand is a better way to conduct a product trial program.

  • How effective is product sampling?

Product sampling is extremely effective if you plan the campaign with end results in mind. With digital product sampling, you can expect to reach the right consumer in the environment where they are most receptive to your message and sample. This leads to higher conversions.

  • How to do product sampling?

There are 5 different product sampling strategies – on-demand trials, matchmaking, targeted product trials, mass product trials and lastly E-Trials. Depending on the marketing objective, budget and product category, one or more than one product sampling method can be used.  reach out to us to know more about any sampling program like Targeted Product Sampling


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