Conditioner Kerastase Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Do you have dry hair that keeps getting tangledand is very difficult to comb out? Do you live in Singapore and you are looking for a hair conditioner that helps the hair stay moisturized and nourished for healthy hair? Check out the Conditioner Kerastase to help you solve these problems. Below are some Conditioner Kerastase Reviews curated by beauty editors.



  • Conditioner Kerastase helps normal and dry hair stay moisturized and hydrated.
  • It helps in hair detangling.
  • Keeps the hair from oxidation.


Customer Reviews

The Conditioner Kerastase is well used by Singaporeans, and it is highly recommended to those with dry skin.  It keeps the hair soft and easy to comb.


Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

A customer on LookFantastic said she likes this Kerastase conditioner because it leaves her hair feeling well moisturized, even though she is 55 years old. Also, she wanted to maintain healthy-looking hair and the product works for just that. It also smells amazing!”

Womensweekly reviewed that Kerastase conditioner has an anti-frizz formula to correct frizz, difficult hair and annoying split ends.

Zula in her blog reviewed this conditioner as a detangling formula which is a combination of creatine, ceramides and maleic acid to aid reinforce hair fibres. The conditioner also locks cuticles from roots to tips for softer, healthier hair.



conditioner kerastase reviews

You can purchase the Conditioner Kerastase on Sephora at $52.

Common FAQs on Conditioner Kerastase

  • Can I use this on my dry hair?

Yes. It is suitable for normal and dry hair to ensure it is healthy and nourished.

  • My hair tangles a lot; does it help with untangling?

Yes. It is specially made to detangle loose ends for easy combing and styling.

  • Is it available in Singapore stores?

Yes, it is available in Sephora stores near you.


Our Verdict

The Conditioner Kerastase is one of the hair products that help recondition the hair and keep it well-nourished and healthy.


  • Suitable for normal and dry hair.
  • Keeps the hair from detangling.
  • It softens the hair and keeps it healthy.



  • It is not suitable for all hair types.


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