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Having a clear radiant skin sure builds confidence, but then, what do you when your skin breaks out? You touch up, that’s what! Skin imperfections can be covered up with a good concealer. Loreal Concealer is one brand you can find in Singapore and other Asian countries. Below are some Concealer Loreal reviews by Hoppingo.


  • Matches skin tone and color
  • Hides blemishes and covers imperfections

Concealer Loreal Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Abril Ramirez stated that what impressed her the most about the L’Oreal concealer is that it conceals blemishes so well and it is also affordable. She also loved that the sponge-head applicator makes it extremely easy to use.

Daily Vanity reviewed that L’Oréal Concealer buildable coverage allows a custom finish that matches individuals’ skin needs and problem areas.

Product Nation describes that it is especially designed to match the Asian skin tone and textue seeing as it conceals imperfections to provide a flawless finish.


concealer loreal reviews

L’Oréal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer is on iHerb for SG$8.53


Common FAQs on Concealer L’Oreal

  • What shade of concealer should I buy?

For your under-eye, ensure that you get a concealer that is a shade or two shades lighter than your skin tone. For the face, the concealer should be the same shade as your foundation.

  • Does Concealer go before or after foundation?

The foundation should go on before the concealer to avoid smearing.

  • Can you just wear concealer?

You cannot wear all concealers without a foundation; you might need a foundation to balance it out.

Our Verdict

L’Oreal concealer is perfect for the Asian skin tone.

For (+)

  • Affordable
  • Good coverage
  • Offers flawless finish
  • Effective in concealing imperfections

Against (-)

  • You might need to wear foundation with the concealer to achieve a perfect finishing and full coverage.

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