Chanel Healthy Glow Eye Shadow Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Chanel is a top brand respected all over the world and, we have compiled these Chanel Eye Shadow Reviews by beauty Connoisseurs to help you see the benefits of using this particular Chanel eyeshadow.


  • Compact packaging for easy carriage.
  • Gives a spectrum of shade combination

Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Happy Sloths thought the palette formulation lovely and each shade is silky, well-pigmented and finely grounded. She thought the colors are easy to combine even if they dont make you feel excited like other flashy eyeshadow colors.

Michelle admitted to liking the overall look and feel of the palette as it is especially good for setting a neutral base for other eyeshadow shades. It gives a very soft look and it is appropriate for work or professional looks because it is quite subtle. She suggested that you add the gray-black shade to create a smoky look to go with a late night outing. However, she doesn’t like how powdery they feel even though the description said it has a matte feel.

Isabella  called this palette a stunning little palette which complements any skin tone as long as you know how to mix them up. At the time of this review, Chanel had introduced two other shades of the Les Beige eyeshadow but Michelle insisted that whichever of the shades you go for, you’ll love it.


chanel eye shadow reviews

Chanel Eyeshadow is on Sweet Care for $63.62


  • Is Chanel Eyeshadow easy to blend?

Yes, it is easy to blend and patch up.

·         Should I use mascara or eye shadow first?

You need to apply the eye shadow first, after which you can then use mascara to curl your lashes.

·         Should the eye shadow color match my eyes or clothes?

It all depends on what you like or the look you want to go for. Although, it wouldn’t look too good if everything matches so you can try out different colors that compliment your eye color or the color of your clothes.

Our Verdict

Looking at the Chanel Eye Shadow reviews, it is convincing how good the product is. We believe it is one of the best eyeshadows on the beauty market.

For (+)

  • It gives both a deep shadow to intensify and a light shade to highlight.
  • The colors and shades are subtle yet beautiful.

Against (-)

  • The eyeshadow is a bit pricey
  • It is not very pigmented.

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