C# is another programming language that also supports binding with Selenium. And this language binding will be updated along with the java program. Another thing we need to set up before we start writing the test is to add a browser driver. I’ll be performing a test on Chrome browser for now, so I need to add ChromeDriver. It can also be added as a NuGet package, so follow the same steps as before to add Selenium.WebDriver.ChromeDriver.

For this Selenium C# tutorial, I’ll be using Visual Studio, but you can use any IDE you prefer for editing your code. Include Selenium methods in your page object classes, not your test methods. Each web element can be declared as a private variable inside its class, and the methods should be public so they can be accessed from the test classes. The [SetUp] is the method that logs the user in, and then the test itself only checks that items are added to the cart. If there is something wrong with the login, only the setup will fail, and the test will be blocked. This way, we’ll know that the problem lies with the login functionality, and not with adding items to the cart.

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The other keywords used in Gherkin feature files are – Feature, Scenario, And, and But. BDD acts as a communication and collaboration tool as it bridges the boundaries between the key stakeholders of a product i.e. product owners, developers, and testers. This ensures that all of them are on the same page as far as the project requirements and expectations are concerned. A scenario outlines how a particular feature should behave with different types/values of input parameters. Gherkin is a domain-specific language using which you can come up with scenarios that describe business behavior, without getting into the technical implementation.

What is automation in C#

If you’re interested in becoming a project instructor and creating Guided Projects to help millions of learners around the world, please apply today at teach.coursera.org. Andreea is a QA engineer, experienced in web and desktop applications, and always looking to improve her automation skills and knowledge. You can perform automated tests of an entire application via such interfaces, bypassing only the GUI rendering part.

Can you use Selenium with C#?

Selenium uses the Selenium WebDriver for performing actions on the corresponding web elements displayed on the web page. For local Selenium testing, you should have the corresponding Selenium WebDriver installed in the machine. For this SpecFlow tutorial, we will make use of NUnit test framework with Selenium test-suite which uses the Selenium WebDriver for interfacing with the underlying elements of a web-page. Take this certification to master the fundamentals of Selenium automation testing with C# and prove your credibility as a tester. More conditions can be added to the above feature file by using other Gherkin keywords like And, But, etc.

What is automation in C#

I did fork my own copy and cleaned up all the compilation issues if you want to take it for a spin. Developers have plenty of choices when it comes to programming languages. However, Java is always the first choice because of its large support available online. Of course, you can use multiple setups to validate the scenario on multiple configurations, and, as the project grows, you can take advantage of the ability to run tests in parallel. For the TearDown, I prefer the second one in case some of the tests open additional windows (remember that the TearDown method runs after each test).

How To Install NUnit Framework?

For better organization of the code, we create two folders – Features (where feature files are created) and StepDefinitions (where Step Definitions for each Scenario Step will be located). SpecFlow is an open-source tool that aids BDD in the .net framework. It is hosted on GitHub and the source-code of SpecFlow can be found here. Along with BDD, it also supports ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development). You can make use of SpecFlow for defining, managing, and executing human-readable acceptance tests in .Net projects.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if developers could sit alongside testers to improve the test scenarios?
  • This program is a good way to improve communication between business personnel and programmers.
  • Though the framework was built keeping simplicity and reusability in mind, minimal framework updates can dampen the growth of Golem.
  • These user stories are used for documentation of the feature, triggering, and automating acceptance tests.
  • Also, there are no code samples/snippets demonstrating usage of Bumblebee for parallel test execution, using Selenium Grid, which is a critical aspect in automated browser testing.

It makes mocking for test automation easy using .NET Linq expression syntax. The Github community has about 60 contributors and there over 1,000 commits. Plus, you can find an excellent tutorial on how to use it on Pluralsight. This framework is one of the most feature-rich frameworks https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-qa-automation-engineer-c/ that I have ever seen in the industry. It helps you to build GUI tests, RESTful tests, and tests against Windows applications and runs all of these things locally or in the cloud. An already well-known good practice in UI test automation is to use a design pattern.


Sanity testing verifies that an application is stable and working as expected. Now, the ChromeDriver zip file is downloaded to the required location, extract the ChromeDriver zip here.

“You can provide the properties of a program — that is, which functions, methods or objects should satisfy. FsCheck tests those properties to see if they hold in a large number of randomly generated cases”. Bumblebee is a .NET layer on top of the Selenium browser automation framework that allows for the standardized creation of page objects, even for dynamic web pages. What if you want to run the automated tests cross-platform or cross-browser? These situations will likely happen quite often because we want our applications to work for all our users, and they will have various configurations set up on their computers. This is a very important aspect of a good and stable automation framework.

It was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 as an internal tool at Thought Works. It supports automation across different browsers, platforms, and programming languages which includes Java, Python, C#, etc. It can be easily be deployed on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh Operating Systems. It also provides the support for different OS (Operating System) for mobile applications like iOS, windows mobile and android.Selenium consists of drivers specific to each language.

The most popular design pattern in UI automation is probably the Page Object Model (also known as POM). When working with POM, we separate the UI interaction methods from the actual tests. Each web page or web component is represented by its own class, where we store all the methods related to this particular page or component, which we then call from the test methods. This provides a great way to avoid code duplication and allows easier maintenance of the test framework.


Author: Team Hoppingo