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Do you need a body wash that cleanse and moisturizes the skin? Are you in Singapore and you want to try out a body cleanser with essential oils to make the skin supple and soft? The Body Cleanser Ouai is available in stores and it washes and nourishes the body. Below are some Body Cleanser Ouai Reviews curated by team Hoppingo.



  • The Body Cleanser Ouai has the Rosehip oil.
  • It contains the Jojoba seeds oil
  • The cleanser has a fruity fragrance.


Customer Reviews

The reviews from customers are encouraging. They say it lives up to its promise of keeping the skin supple and it has a good lather. But there were a few suggestions of making the packaging a bit attractive.


Reviews by 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Totalbeauty reviewed that the body cleanser has a nice fragrance. It makes the skin firm, clean and fresh. It lathers well which makes a few drop enough for each use.


Reviewers on Tryandreview commended the moisturizing and comfortable freshness they feel after using the Quai body cleanser. Most said it is generally good but the packaging is not attractive.


Sophia Panych of PopSugar said the Ouai body cleanser has a luxurious scent that Ouai is well known for and that the product is suitable for all skin types.


body cleanser ouai reviews

The Body Cleanser Ouai is available on Sephora.

Common FAQs on Body Cleanser Ouai

  • What are the key ingredients in the Body Cleanser Ouai?

The Jojoba seeds, the rose hip oil and Lactobacillus ferment.

  • Is it available for purchase it Singapore?

Yes, it is available in Sephora stores in Singapore.

  • Does it lather well?

Yes, other users confirm that it foams well.

Our Verdict

The Body Cleanser is worth a trial seeing as customers are piqued about the essential oils used in its formulation.

For (+)

  • The Ouai body cleanser soothes and hydrates the skin.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the body.
  • It helps balance and condition the skin to its normal PH.

Against (-)

  • Its fragrance may be a turn off for fragrance sensitive users.


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