10 Best Board Games for Kids

Trying to find interesting board games for kids? Hello, I am Raphael Tan popularly called The Board Game Expert and I am here to share some fun board games you can get for your children. These board games will occupy their time meaningfully, as they can have fun bonding with their friends and family while spending time away from electronic devices.

I hope that these recommendations will help you to decide what board games to get to play with your child. Infact these are must have board games for kids.

  1. Dweebies

Dweebies is a fun card game by Gamewright. In the game, players have to collect dweebies by placing matching dweebies at both ends of a row. This game lets children practise the skill of matching in a fun way. The characters in this game are cute, and it will surely attract the attention of children.

Dweebies Card Game


  1. Squirmish

Squirmish is a fun card game by Gamewright that encourages children to think strategically and reinforces the concept of probability. In the game, players must place cute beasts strategically to fight their opponents’ beasts. The player who has 3 beasts knocked out by their beasts will win the game. Players will have to decide which is the best beast to place down. Dice are rolled to determine how much damage each beast will deal to their opponent. Each beasts’ stats are not the same!


Gamewright Squirmish - The Card Game of Brawling Beasties

  1. Splendor

A bit of the more challenging board games for children on this list, Splendor is an interesting and strategic board game for kids that has players collecting different gemstones to buy property. These will allow them to gain points. To win this set collection game, you will need to collect 15 points!


Splendor Board Game

  1. King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a fun game that has players playing as different monsters battling in Tokyo. Children and adults alike will surely love this game alike as it is fast paced and fun. Roll the dice to victory!


King of Tokyo New Edition Board Game


  1. Sushi Go! Party

Sushi Go! Party is a fun and fast-paced card game with cute illustrations. This game is great with a lot of people (2-6), and it only takes 20 minutes to play! In the game, players must collect sets of different Japanese dishes to score the most points.

In each turn, players must choose one card to keep from their hand and pass the rest of their hand to the next player. A fun drafting game, this game will surely make you hungry with its cute illustrations of delicious food. You will love this game.


Sushi Go Party


  1. Settlers of Catan

This last game on this list is easy to learn and fun to play. In this game, players have to build roads, settlements and cities to win. Players will have to roll dice, trade, play a variety of cards and even steal resources from your opponent to build your settlements. However, you might be robbed or be blocked off from the spot that you want to build at by your opponents! Can you earn 10 points and win in this classic strategy game?


Catan 5th Edition Game


  1. Azul

Azul is a quick and fun abstract strategy game. In the game, players will need to place beautiful tiles on their wall to make a magnificent stained glass wall. An easy game to learn that offers a challenging puzzle each time it is played, Azul is suitable for both adults and children.


Azul Board Game


  1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a fast card game that is exciting and risky. In the game, players must play cards strategically to not draw the ‘Exploding Kitten’ card. A fun and heart-stopping card game, Exploding Kittens is a great game to get children and adults into the board gaming hobby.


Exploding Kittens Card Game



  1. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride has players claiming various railway routes in North America to gain the most points. The longer the route, the more points they earn. Ticket to Ride is a great game for people of all ages, so you do not need to worry about whether your children can understand the rules. Ticket to ride is a great strategy game, and if you are looking for a game to get your children into board gaming, this is the game!

Ticket To Ride


  1. Battleship

This two player classic board game is fun and well loved by people of all ages. The object of this game is to sink all of your opponent’s ships while protecting your own ships. Easy to learn but challenging to win, children would surely


Battleship Board Game


Do let me know what’s your favorite board game to play with your kids?

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Author: Raphael Tan

Raphael Tan wants to share his passion for board gaming with the world. He is a teenager and aspires to create his own board games in the future.