Wrap dresses, wrap swimwear, wrap skirts, — shopping this summer would be incomplete without including one or two wrapped pieces in your final purchase.
There’s a reason why the popularity of these wrap silhouettes is far from being an enigma. 
The wrap tie tends to fit almost anyone! Often veiling our midsection and resulting in a summer-friendly, free-flowing, appearance, wrap clothing is quickly becoming the go-to for that put-together look.
Wrap Blouse Trending
A quick look through the Instagram posts and blog feeds of your favorite fashion influencers online, and a couple of things will become very clear: the wrap blouse is one of the top fashion trends 2019, and you can style yours in countless ways.
The classic wrap blouse is now trending with a vengeance; they used to be quite popular about a decade ago, but they fell behind when fashion favored more fluid and oversized clothing.
Not familiar with these ballerina-esque tops? 
The wrap-around dress looks exactly like how it sounds. One part of your blouse goes across the other only to be knotted on the side; the result is an über-comfortable, figure-flattering silhouette which can be best described as a perfect blend of business in front, and party on the side (or back).
Almost like paying for a two-in-one look!
When it comes to ease and comfort, nothing beats a wrap blouse.
Wrap blouses can be sleeved or sleeveless, knitted or woven, long or short, and solid or patterned.
For lovers of comfortable and flattering everyday clothing, check out our breathable wrap top recommendations for the year ahead:


Author: Team Hoppingo