Say what you like about Valentine’s Day, but doing something genuinely nice and maybe a little over the top is always a good vibe to send to your partner.

Still, buying gifts for Valentine’s Day can sometimes become a total minefield.

If you have been dating for just a couple of weeks, an over sentimental gift could have your bae running miles away, and a long-term partner would feel pretty much underwhelmed by some flowers from your local petrol station or a box of chocolates from the corner shop.
Luckily for you, we are here to guide you properly.
It doesn’t matter whether your significant other is a new girlfriend on the scene or both of you have been together since forever, The Hoppingo Team has come up with some serious insight on the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for each stage of dating.
We have selected only the most unique gift ideas available in Singapore – from handmade creations to personalized gift items, so you can present your other half with something brilliant – regardless of how long you have been together.

Valentine Day Gift Etiquette
Valentine’s Day could be stressful for both parties. Regardless of the duration the couple has been going steady – from puppy love to a brightly burning flame – making February 14 the perfect date is no easy feat.
Our Valentine’s Day gift selections will help you prepare for the date and offer an appropriate present based on the current level of your relationship.

ALMOST OFFICIAL – Both of you recently met or just decided to take the next step to elevate your friendship; if you’re in chapter 1 of your love adventure, your Valentine’s Day gift selection should be simple, and fun instead of trying hard to make a romantic impression.
Some nice ideas for gifting at this point would be: a stuffed animal, a simple flower bouquet, a bottle of wine or champagne or a box of chocolates.

GOING STEADY – Both of you have officially together for quite sometime and perhaps this isn’t your first time celebrating your love together.
While he/she has definitely become a sweetheart, your relationship still has a new feel to it!
You can turn the romance up a notch.
Some great ideas for gifting at this point would be: a rose bouquet, a silk robe, a customized name necklace, a set of her favorite cosmetic product, some nice headphones.

SERIOUSLY COMMITTED – You both feel very comfortable in each other’s company, which means that you can get romantic and also have a good laugh.
Some cool ideas for gifting at this point would be: gear to support their favorite hobby, a nice watch, a spa kit along with candles, soaps and lotions, don’t forget cake!

& MRS. – Use some sweet nostalgia. Both of you have a history together.

Recreate the first time you spent Valentine’s Day as a couple and then reminisce on each romantic date that came in between.
Some excellent ideas for gifting at this point would be: a leather wallet, roses for every year you’ve been together, luxurious fur, a personalized Valentines Day gift with sweet messages for your spouse.

All our Valentines Day gift ideas can be presented throughout the entire year so go ahead and cover your sweetheart in some affection on any given day!

Unique Valentine Gift Ideas for Him
It can be tricky buying unique gifts for guys, especially on days such as Valentine’s Day.
If you are looking for something besides the stereotypically romantic stuff, there are lots of other, more creative, guy-friendly alternatives to watch out for.
Something practical that relates to his hobby or lifestyle will attract his attention and appreciation. It doesn’t need to be a lavish gift item, just something nice and thoughtful.
Our biggest tip? DO NOT send a huge teddy bear to him at the office or home. These probably aren’t the most exciting gifts for him and besides, it might be a tad embarrassing.
If you do not want to go down the traditional/conventional route but would like to spruce things up a little with something sweet and romantic, we have identified unique Valentines gifts for him.
From the low budget option, to mid-range choices, all the way to the high-end stuff, Hoppingo’s selection of Valentine gifts for him will see you nominated for the 2020 spouse of the year award!

Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her
Finding the perfect Valentine Day gift for her is just as complicated as some of us make it.
For a unique Valentine, you need to step away from things that will wilt and wither after 3 days and opt for those presents with some strategy in mind. Flowers are always an add-on.
The Valentine day requires a keen, thoughtful eye for gifts. Consider those things your mom or spouse likes doing in her free time, or what she frequently talks about doing.
Gifting items that are synonymous with something that she likes shows you are thoughtful and attentive to her needs.
From kitchen wares, and candles, to timepieces and jewelry, Hoppingo has crawled the internet to identify what you need to wow the special women in your life.
Select any of our thoughtful and affordable Valentine gifts for her, and then pour yourself a tall glass of champagne because you’re about to have this whole romance thing on lockdown!


Author: Team Hoppingo