Care for your Velvety-Soft Lips
Our lips need a lot of care because the skin covering them is very sensitive. We use them for talking, feeling, eating, kissing and smiling. They’re symbols of our beauty and sensuality; which makes caring for them very important.
Along with your fingertips, your lips are covered with the most sensory skin cells and are therefore your most sensitive link to the outside environment; this explains why kissing can be so enjoyable!
Particularly Delicate Skin
The skin covering your lips is so thin and soft that your blood vessels can sometimes be seen underneath; this is what gives your lips their red pigment.
Our lips do not have any sweat glands or sebum, which are responsible for the supply of moisture and oil.
Also, the corneal layer, protecting your skin from harmful influences in the environment, is rather thin on your lips, as well. Therefore our lips are dependent on protection and care from the outside; which is why you must use lip balm frequently.
Those Lips Need Protection
It isn’t just about makeup or cosmetics: dry and flaky lips can cause you a lot of pain. Besides they aren’t easily concealed. Some potential causes of chapped, dry, or cracked lips include:

Inappropriate care – only in extremely rare cases are the active ingredients found in most moisturizers or gels suitable for the sensitive and soft skin on your lips.
Cold – the most widespread cause of lip dehydration is the sudden change from hot to cold. That is why chapped lips are so rampant during frigid weather.
Stress – long hours at work, coupled with mental stress and anxiety, have adverse effects on our skin condition. Your lips included.
UV radiation – since our lips have virtually no pigments, they should be adequately protected from over-exposure to sunlight.

How to Get Softer Lips
We all want softer and more glossy lips, but Mother Nature isn’t always very keen on serving up moisturized kissing environments.
When bad habits and harsh weather conditions are taking their toll on those lips, you really must have a lip balm within reach to prevent unwanted chapping and flakiness.
Since your lips can’t produce any moisture of their own, when water escapes from them, they may dry out. That is why you must give your lips constant attention and care. Lip balms have lots of beeswax and oil which can help to prevent moisture from evaporating. Applying lip balms to your lips daily will keep your lips looking soft and supple.
Lip Balm – For Soft, Nourished Lips
The stubborn myth that lip balms are addictive has been circulating for a while now. It is believed that once you start to care for your lips, you will never be able to quit.
People believe that applying cosmetics on their lips will only make things worse instead of protecting them from drying out. Wrong! In reality, it is more about the effect of familiarization: if you regularly apply lip balm, you will get accustomed to the soft texture it leaves behind on your lips and hence the addiction.
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Photo by Cesar La Rosa on Unsplash


Author: Team Hoppingo