“The best gear is one that you actually use.” This famous saying is most applicable when it comes to fitness trackers.
Fitness trackers are an excellent way for you to monitor your health and physical activities with minimum effort. They must be worn continuously to keep tabs on your heart rate, workouts, and stress levels with pinpoint accuracy.
For most people, the best fitness tracker should be lightweight, have a long battery lifespan, and offer fitness tracking as well as smartphone notifications.
Simply regard your fitness tracker as an electric finger on your pulse, steadily tracking your vitals, activity rate, step count, quality of sleep, and more.
Some people refer to them as activity bands or smart bracelets since some of them are now as good looking and well crafted as traditional jewelry.
Today’s fitness band accessory market is filled with a variety of amazing devices with Android Q and iOS 12 capabilities, most of which do pretty decent jobs of basic tracking. But quite frankly, we at Hoppingo are interested in only the best fitness tracker Singapore, as you must be too.
Most of the fitness devices on our best fitness tracker shortlist were released in 2018 (with a few of them older than that), but you can expect these selections to change as 2019 progresses.
Our guide will highlight the best activity trackers available in Singapore.
Are you on a small budget? Try the cheaper fitness trackers
Would you specifically like to run? Sample the running watches
Hitting the pool? We have also curated waterproof fitness trackers 
We researched the world wide web for over 100 different fitness trackers and smart-watches and without blurring lines between categories, here are the ones which stood out:
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Author: Team Hoppingo