We have all seen the social media selfies of top Victoria Secret’s models with their beautiful A-list friends wearing Halloween-like skincare masks, wondering if that beauty treat (it isn’t a trick) might be the secret weapon that bestows them with their glowing, flawless complexions.
The answer would be mostly yes, coupled with the fact most top models and their stunning friends hit the jackpot for good skin genes.
A few years back, only the very active skincare enthusiasts among us regularly wore a face mask. We would cleanse, moisturize, and tone regularly, and sometimes do the odd exfoliation and scrubbing – but a face mask was something you would likely have at the deepest and darkest corner of your bathroom cabinet. Regular appointments with your box set and facial mask were unheard of.
Now, of course, all that has changed. Face masks are fast becoming a vital component of any skincare routine. And this recent face mask mania shows no signs of slowing down.
The easily visible nature of facial mask treatment, aided by social media trends like #SundayFacial has boosted the growth and availability of new photogenic face mask offerings adding to an expanding variety of must-have face masks in the market.
What Are The Benefits Of A Face Mask?
The best face masks should be able to demonstrate the effects of great skincare in just a few minutes – from deep cleansing and tightening to restoring the glow of your skin’s complexion.
Simply put, a great face mask must have a positive effect on your skin within a very brief timeframe, providing quick results while also improving the overall health of your skin.
A Face mask can be beneficial for people with acne-prone skin types, where excessive secretion of facial oil increases their likelihood of breaking out. Face masks are also helpful to people with sensitive and dry skin, or for other general skin concerns like redness and chronic irritation commonly associated with sunburn.
Face masks are also capable of hydrating mature skin by infusing them with specific anti-aging ingredients for an extra boost, especially in drier climates.
Next is convenience. Today’s masks have evolved from those days when one was required to sit still like a statute, while an inch-thick, unctuous lotion took hold of your skin.
Now, we have thinner sleep masks which can be worn throughout the night – and sheet masks, which are available in fiber and foil form, and have been saturated with concentrated skincare ingredients.
What Is The Best Face Mask Treatment For Dry Skin?
People who have dry skin types should look out for active ingredients capable of restoring their skin’s moisture. Ingredients like glycerin will assist in repairing your natural skin barriers and prevent irritation.
Which Facial Masks Are Best For Acne-Prone Skin?
Face masks containing sulfur are particularly beneficial to acne-prone skin since sulfur acts as an exfoliant by helping new layers of underlying skin regenerate and grow. Sulfur can also help minimize sebum (oiliness) levels in the skin. Its anti-bacterial properties can eliminate any acne-causing bacteria.
Our collection of the best face masks that work should be enough to help you get some of the action.


Author: Team Hoppingo