Where to shop for Healthy CNY Goodies

It’s that time of year again where we scramble to find healthy CNY goodies to take home and ask ourselves where to shop for healthy CNY goodies? We all love the indulgences that come with festivities but yet are always looking for healthier options. With Covid still luring around, there are less fairs to attend and not many options to sample. Worry not! We have narrowed down what we think are the best places to get some of the popular snacks bearing in mind your health.
Yes you have read correctly – we are suggesting places that are offering healthy CNY goodies. Some are low in sugar, others are gluten-free or low carb.
Trust us, these are so good, you’ll want to hide them when people come visit; or even buy some extra boxes to keep home.

1. Bob the Baker Boy

Bob the Baker Boy is well known in Singapore for their uniquely designed cakes; not only are their cakes beautiful, they are also less sweet which make it a #HoppingoWinner. Every year, they put together some special treats for CNY from pineapple tarts to cookies, dressed up in a classy Imperial Gold & dusty blue tin – they are perfect for gifting, or for your table display.

If you want to go a fancy – you can always order their CNY edition cupcakes to impress your guests, or a money-pulling angpao cake to surprise the elderly!

The cookie boxes start at $26.90 onwards and you can place your order on their website. 

Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts

Money Pulling Cake

Money Pulling Cake


2. Seriously Keto

The only bummer about CNY is that it’s usually between mid Jan to mid Feb – just as you have started getting use to your New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy. The delicious treats and amazing food at family gatherings always make it difficult to resist to any temptation Luckily, Seriously Keto has come up with some some healthy CNY goodies options for your to enjoy this festive season without jumping too far from your resolutions.

Usher in the Year of the Ox with their special combo comprising of some CNY classics such as the bouncy Kueh Buloh, melt-in-your-mouth Cashew Cookies and delicious Pecan Coconut Tart. All three are keto-friendly, gluten-free and low card.

They currently have a 10% off on all combos, the combo mentioned above is at $118.80, a good deal for this CNY – check our their options here.

CNY Package


3. Scoopz

Scoopz Healthy CNY Cookies

Scoopz is mostly known for their ice-creams – they started off by creating guilt-free, low sugar ice creams with exotic flavors. I was really surprised last CNY when I tried one of their cookies – and OMG. It was so delicious it just melted in your mouth! Their cookies are simialr to their ice-creams low in sugar and some of them are also eggless.  They deliver a special rendition of these classics: Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit, Shrimp Rolls, Love Letters and Almond Cookies.

Buy your cookies now before they sell out and make sure to enjoy their flash sale – buy 6 cookie jars and get 1 free. Place your orders here. Cookie boxes start at $21.80.


4. Delcie’s

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes is a go-to for for its healthier cakes. Using mostly organic low-GI plant-based ingredients, this innovative bakery stands out from conventional ones as a pioneer of delectable desserts and cakes for health-conscious consumers and those with diabetes or allergies. With that in mind, they also have plenty of healthy CNY goodies from cookies, pineapple tarts to love letters.

Delcie’s wonderful pastry creations make it possible for anyone with a hearty appetite to enjoy cakes and desserts without having to feel guilty. You can check our their wide range of CNY goodies here. The treats starts 28.80 onwards.

Delcie's Pineapple Tarts

Delcie’s Pineapple Tarts


5. Bakening

Bakening has put together a CNY prosperity package with the following components: Golden Happiness Cake, Pineapple Tarts, Hazelnut Crunch and Pineapple Jam. These little homemade packages of joy are not only flourless and sugar-free, they’re also made without butter and eggs, resulting in a tart cookie that has a unique, crumbly shortbread texture instead. The jam within is also made from scratch with fresh pineapples, making them the perfect option if these fragrant pastries are your kryptonite during the festivities. Order your package here. The package is currently on promo at $108.

Bakening Prosperity Set

Bakening Prosperity Set


For home bakers, you might want to try and make your own goodies. They are plenty of recipes available online for you to try. Remember – by jut replacing refined sugar with molasses or coconut sugar can help. You can always look into substitute the flours and using a Gluten free one.  Find a recipe that works for you and it could be a fun activity for parent-child bonding.

While Chinese New Year is often about feasting and indulging, being conscious of what you eat can yield real longevity and health. To a healthful new year!

Do check out our CNY shopping guide  for more ideas.


Author: Sashena Hassamal

Sashena (Sash) is a netflix-bing watcher and an avid traveler. She is always dreaming about her next beach holiday where she can sip a glass of rose by the beach. She is always interested in new discovering new products which she loves sharing with you all.