The Beauty Blender is a necessary weapon in any modern day makeup artists’ and beauty enthusiasts’ arsenal, since it has become widely known for providing effortless application of makeup, leaving you with smoother, natural and flawless finishing.
You might be thinking that a set of top-quality brushes is all you need to achieve that look you want, but that is not actually enough: one product will get it all done a lot faster and cheaper.
The Beauty Blender, an egg-shaped, pink sponge, is just one tool, with six different uses. It is a multitasker’s dream.
If you aren’t familiar with it, let us shed some light: The Beauty Blender makeup sponge is fast becoming a favorite go-to product among makeup experts and skincare gurus because of its major versatility. 
You shouldn’t be fooled by its small size though, once dampened the beauty blender expands in size to become a spongy soft applicator.
Your makeup will glide freely over your skin, while the sponge barely absorbs the makeup itself and it is also versatile enough for use with liquid and powder based products. 
The makeup sponge has revolutionized today’s glamour industry. It has modernized the way we blend foundation and concealer over our skin. Its gentle and smooth application offers an even complexion spread across different parts of our faces.
While the beauty blender is generally sold in online beauty shops Singapore as an applicator for foundations, it has a wide variety of other uses.
All you need to do before you use it is soak it in warm water and then squeeze out all excess liquid.
The Beauty Blender has an open-cell structure that absorbs water in a manner which makes just the right quantity of makeup product to sit on its wet surface, allowing for an even, natural-looking application.
Say goodbye to cakey looking foundation that will be easily noticed. 
Makeup beauty sponge allows the foundation blend into your skin perfectly making it appear natural with even finishing.
However, the beauty blender is not yet very common when it comes to usage because most potential customers are still confused about its utilization.
We are here to clear any doubts you may have about using the beauty blender sponge.
A Brief History
In 2002, being fed up with results from the traditional foundation sponges available on the market, Rea Ann Silva (a Veteran makeup artist in Hollywood) conceptualized the remarkable pink sensation – Enter the beauty blender: a pink, egg-shaped sponge capable of fitting with the different contours of the face.
By 2003, the beauty blender became officially incorporated. It has since been known for its consistency in remarkably resolving major issues that makeup and beauty artists faced before it was invented.
After a successful 10 years in the market, the original beauty blender product won the Best of Beauty Award hosted by Allure in 2013, for the 5th time.
Beauty Blender Benefits
Removal of dead skin:  An essential step in any skincare routine is exfoliation, but it is possible to be overly aggressive with this procedure; this is where Beauty blender’s come in handy.
We recommend applying a small amount of exfoliator product to the makeup sponge, and then apply to your face with light but firm circular motions for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. 
Contouring: Due to its small tapered end, the Beauty blender is very effective when it comes to adding definition to our faces – much like a fluffy, angled brush – since it can effortlessly fit into areas like the bridge and sides of our noses which require some definition.
We recommend patting some bronzer on the places you’d like to contour with your fingers and then mildly dotting such areas with your Beauty blender.
Removal of Stubborn Makeup: A Beauty blender that has been cleaned properly can remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
Simply apply some liquid makeup remover to your sponge, and then press down firmly over your eyelids to remove everything completely.
Eyebrow Definition: After applying shadow or pencil, we can use the Beauty blender for softening any harsh lines and blending our makeup with our natural brow color.
Apply some concealer onto your eyebrow arch using the smaller end of your Beauty blender for a well defined look.
Soften Heavy Makeup: Was your blush a bit over the top? Don’t sweat it: the Beauty blender is an excellent tool that can help thin out anything you have applied too heavily. Reach for a Beauty blender that has some foundation left on it (to sheer things out), then gently bounce it repeatedly on your skin where you’ve over-applied the blush. This should blend the seams, and eliminate any hard lines.
Application of Facial Oils: Wash your face thoroughly, and then squeeze some drops of your preferred oil onto the Beauty blender and gently apply it using circular motions which helps to seal in moisture as well as ensure that your face doesn’t appear greasy.
Types of Beauty Blenders

Original Beauty Blenders – This is the most popular makeup sponge. It was the first one of its design. It features a circular shaped end which is used for covering the cheek region and providing an air-brush finish to generate a blush on your cheek bones while its precision tip can tackle the areas underneath your eyes.


The Tear Drop – The purpose of this Beauty blender is to provide an all-round, 360 degree perfection to your face. It’s been designed and shaped to control the level of coverage over specified areas. It has a super pointy tip which can be used to cover smaller regions that the other makeup sponges might have missed. It’s best used with a concealer, liquid foundation, and illuminator.


Flat Ended Beauty Blenders – Quite similar to the original Beauty blender, this multi-purpose tool effectively covers every facial dimension. It has rounded sides that can be used over broader areas, it’s flat edge is perfect for contouring, and its precise tip can cover any difficult to reach areas which include the space between your eyes and nose.


Cosmetic Wedges – These are wedges that absorb less of the makeup product and give out more to your skin. By utilizing these triangular shaped sponges you will effectively reduce any wastage and also cover all your facial aspects because of its unique shape. Its fine edges work best to reach those compact areas.

You can buy the Beauty blender products at reasonable prices available at select online shopping Singapore sites. Blend your naturally stunning beauty with the Beauty blender today for a more iconic look!


Author: Team Hoppingo