Pantone’s color of the year is one of the most anticipated in the cosmetics and fashion industry. Pantone colour of the year 2019 is the very cheerful, Living Coral.
Naturally, Pantone’s annual announcement attracts lots of excitement especially from the makeup industry, since it often shapes and influences major color cosmetics trends.
Once the makeup shade has been revealed, it is immediately scrutinized for versatility and wearability.
Some colors have received instant acclaim, like Marsala, the deep burgundy shade of 2015, which naturally belonged on nails and lips.
Other color shades, such as the pea-like Greenery of 2017, presented a big challenge for those who’d rather stick to more traditional cosmetic colors.
But Living Coral, Pantone Color of the Year 2019, will undoubtedly appeal to the broadest beauty market base yet.
What Is So Great About Living Coral?
Top color connoisseurs across the world have agreed that Living Coral is indeed a life-affirming and animating hue with a unique golden undertone which enlivens and energizes with a gentle edge.
We at Hoppingo couldn’t agree more, mainly because coral makeup can be flattering on almost all skin tones.
We see color as the lens through which our natural – and digital – realities are experienced, and this is especially true for the Living Coral shade.
With today’s consumers craving more social connection and human interaction, the heartening and humanizing attributes possessed by the sociable Pantone Living Coral color shade has hit a very responsive chord.
Coral makeup is flattering universally because it is a neutral color; which means it’s equally cool and warm and can give everyone a very fresh-faced, youthful look.
Living Coral is a “wear-anywhere” color type; I mean this in two ways – one can wear the not-quite-pink, not-quite-orange shade anywhere; you may also wear it on any part of your face without leaving your comfort zone.
Applying peachy cosmetic colors like Living Coral offers you a shade which neutralizes your skin’s natural undertones; these are usually a combination of pink and yellow and can warm up your complexion while adapting to skin tone.
While rose gold and pink cosmetics have become quite popular in 2019, opting for coral-hued eyes and nails is more universally flattering and user-friendly especially if you are curious about trying out a new trend that doesn’t make you look like you caught the pink eye (there is a thin line between looking chic and appearing sick after all).
Coral has always been among the most widely used makeup colors because it is comfortable to wear and flattering; still, it can also lend itself to a bolder look. And while several Living Coral-inspired beauty products will surely be launched this year, there are also lots of items already available which can help you to incorporate the Pantone 2019 Color into your daily beauty regimen – and they always look great on everyone.
Check out a few of our favorites;
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