Have you just started to venture into the makeup world? It is normal to become overwhelmed by the abundant variety of products you are likely to find online.

Owning a full range makeup set of beauty products isn’t an easy thing to do but you can assemble a makeup kit capable of making any professional makeup artist envious.

You might be prepared to begin dipping your brush into an ocean of colors; however, before you deep dive, you should read our ultimate makeup Singapore guide to all things you could possibly need or want for your face, lips, and eyes.

We are taking you back to the makeup basics. You only require a collection of makeup essentials to put together your makeup kit from scratch. Also, you do not need crazy makeup skills to apply these must have beauty products.
We – the Hoppingo editorial team – have rounded up the very best beauty products for beginners for you to select from. You’re welcome!

1. Facial Makeup


The same way artists must prep the surface before painting, you should also begin with a clean, spotless canvas.

We can’t over-stress the importance of using a moisturizer on your face before applying any makeup. It creates an ideal makeup base.
A good moisturizer will hydrate your skin and also act as a barrier for moisture. You mustn’t leave out moisturizing even if yours is an oily skin type because it will help to regulate oil production.

Hoppingo’s Pick: FARMACY Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer.

FARMACY Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

Why We Like It: Formulated to stimulate a lively, glowing complexion, this enduring, lightweight moisturizer is rich in Echinacea Green-Envy Honey. It contains cupuaçu butter beads and triple hyaluronic acid complex which help to keep your skin soft and smooth all day long.

Price is $71


If you would like your makeup to remain in place for the entire day, a primer will do the trick. It generates a silky and unblemished base and also makes the application of foundation much easier. Beauty products for beginners are essentially those products that are must haves if you want to do a good job of putting your makeup on.

So, if you have any concerns about redness or large pores, a good primer can remedy them by giving you soft, velvety skin and reducing the visibility of pores. Perhaps you’ve never tried it; now is the right time for you to do so since it can go a long way to determine how your makeup will look eventually.

Hoppingo’s Pick: FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.

FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

Why We Like It: This pore-diffusing, shine-stopping primer smoothly paves the way for an improved application of foundation and longer-lasting wear with its instant retouch effect.

Price is $24 (15ml)


After you have prepped your skin’s surface, foundation is the next step. To prevent the dreadful “cakey” look, we recommend applying your foundation with a beauty sponge that absorbs the product, which will allow you to steadily add the perfect quantity of foundation for your complexion.

Hoppingo’s Pick: Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation

Why We Like It: This brand of moisturizing primer soothes, conditions, and nourishes your skin while it generates a smoother surface for applying makeup. Its full-coverage formula creates an outcome that unifies your complexion and hides imperfections like fine lines, pores, and wrinkles, thereby reducing the effects of ageing.

Price is $72.


This is a must have beauty products for beginners. A good concealer can offer you a photo shopped-type of finish everyone desires; however, it can also be one of the most awkward makeup essentials for newbies to master.

Ideally you should opt for a hydrating concealer which goes underneath your eyes and softens the appearance of any wrinkles or fine lines. Facial concealer tends to be thick and dries up when exposed to air which is the perfect cover for discoloration or pesky blemishes.

Hoppingo’s Pick: BOBBI BROWN Instant Full Coverage Concealer.

BOBBI BROWN Instant Full Coverage Concealer

Why We Like It: This product has an advanced full treatment formula designed to instantly brighten and camouflage any darkness underneath your eyes. It contains a rare extract from an Indian tree capable of increasing lipid storage, delivering natural plumping action, and stimulating fatty cells for smooth and even skin.

It also contains a fruit complex which works to minimize bulges, arouse tired eyes and make your skin tighter to prevent any signs of ageing. It features Triple matrix technology that helps its unique formula to glide smoothly across your skin to conceal blemishes without creasing.

Price is $54


Whenever blush is properly applied, it can enhance your countenance instantly and offer you an attractive and youthful glow.

It’s best to select a color which complements the tone of your skin. Colors that are too vivid for your skin will appear loud and forged. Opt for a shade that delicately adds some color to your skin and also sculpts your cheeks.
For beginners, it’s always best to begin with powder blush.
To apply, opt for a fluffy brush that is tapered by the sides as this can easily target the right areas. Always use a light and gentle hand to apply blush; soft, circular motions will merge the colors. Blend a little into your hairline, across your nose, and jaw-line for a more natural-looking color flush.

Hoppingo’s Pick: NARS Blush / Bronzer Duo.

NARS Blush / Bronzer Duo

Why we like it: This pressed-powder blush can deliver healthy-looking colors to flatter all skin tones. It is also easy to use and is available different shades. Peach, light pink, or Coral color tones are perfect for medium to light skin tones while rose, plum, and other deeper color shades work well on dark skin.

Price is $65.


A compact or pressed powder comes in handy when you require a quick touch-up. Put it in your bag when you go out because it is quickly and easily used and also helps to seal-in your makeup.

A compact is highly recommended for women with oily skin type. Beauty products for beginners takes into account different skincare types.

Hoppingo’s Pick: KAT VON D BEAUTY Lock-it Powder Foundation.

KAT VON D BEAUTY Lock-it Powder Foundation

Why We Like It: This vegan powder foundation is capable of delivering fast and complete coverage, instantaneous blurring, and extreme long-lasting wear. During the day, at nighttime, and anytime between, this foundation delivers flawless coverage when called upon. It has a buildable formula which hides imperfections and evens your complexion, all without you needing any touch-ups. This sweat and smudge-proof foundation won’t crease or cake and its velvety texture has an airy, light touch.
This product is ideal for a variety of skin types, such as dry, oily, smooth, and textured.
It comes in an attractive, refillable compact.

Price is $59

2. Eye Makeup


Just as you need a smooth canvas for applying your foundation, the same also applies for putting on your eye shadow. Especially when you want the resulting color to be identical or similar to what’s on the product packaging.

Each individual has a unique skin tone, and therefore, color outcome will be different. However, by applying an eye-shadow primer, you can create a level base for pigment, and also extend its staying power. Beauty products for beginners have been put together keeping in mind product price as at the beginning, you may not really want to buy the most expensive products available, online.

Hoppingo’s Picks: Either the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Anti-Aging or the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer should become your best options for this.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Amplifying Eye Primer

Why We Like Them: Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer Potion – Anti-Aging is a 24-hour wear, wrinkle-free eyeshadow primer which offers smoother application and vibrant colors. It works by filling in any imperfections on the surface of your skin, thus prepping both eyelids for all-day wear. This product also blends beautifully and glides smoothly on all skin color tones and dries up without pigment or color.

Price is $38.

The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer is a color-boosting, weightless eyeshadow primer which makes your eyelids smoother for improved blending and longer-lasting, crease-proof wear.

Price is $33.


A nude eye-shadow color palette is what a beginner needs for highlighting their eyes.

Just like a preferred pair of pants, a nude palette is necessary for beginners to put their eyeshadow application technique into practice.
What we adore most about nude eye shadow palettes is how they contain all the colors you will need to produce an ideal natural makeup look. A nude palette is extremely versatile and cannot go out of fashion.

Hoppingo’s Pick: ESTÉE LAUDER Pure Color Love Rosy Nudes Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition)

ESTÉE LAUDER Pure Color Love Rosy Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

Why We Like It: This rosy-nude eye-shadow palette collection has eight pearl and matte color shades; mix and match them to create your own bold feminine looks.

Price is $65.


An Eyeliner pencil is an essential tool in any makeup kit. It could be for a subtle, natural look involving just a little bit of eyeliner or for the intricate cat-eye look.

If you’re still a newbie at applying eyeliner, it is best you begin with pencil eyeliners before advancing to the liquid ones. However, you should be able to make room for both of types inside your makeup bag.

Hoppingo’s Pick: KAT VON D BEAUTY Cake Pencil Eyeliner.

KAT VON D BEAUTY Cake Pencil Eyeliner

Why We Like It: This super-creamy, color-rich, waterproof long wearing eye liner is an easy-to-use vegetarian eye pencil which is suitable for beginners.

Price is $29


If you want to create a more striking look, such as an exact cat eye, you should select liquid-based eyeliner, since it has felt-tipped ends and an inky formula which can generate perfectly flicked edges.

Hoppingo’s Pick: URBAN DECAY Razor Sharp Water Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner.

Why We Like It: For ultimate precision and control, look to this long-lasting eyeliner. It has tiny, tapered brush tips that are ultra-slim, which makes it easier for you to create detailed designs, and smoldering, smokey looks. Select from a variety of colors to suit every occasion and skin type.

Price is $41.50


Your eyebrows help to frame your whole face, so if yours require a bit of shaping and definition or filling in, having an eyebrow product handy is necessary to keep them looking full and well-groomed.

Hoppingo’s Pick: BENEFIT COSMETICS Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil.

BENEFIT COSMETICS Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Why We Like It: This extra-fine brow pencil is available in 8 easy-to-choose color shades and can draw very normal-looking, hair-like strokes that can last for 12 budge-proof hours. A small amount of strokes from its rich and blendable color will transform your eyebrows from being vague and shapeless to full and distinct.

Price is $44.


Use a magical mascara wand to renovate your eyes and enhance your eyelashes with more definition, length, and volume.

Mascara is a makeup tool capable of making you look instantly bright-eyed on those mornings after you did not get your full night’s sleep. When you are selecting your mascara, you should consider factors such as the product formula and brush shape.

Hoppingo’s Pick: BENEFIT COSMETICS they’re real Mascara.


BENEFIT COSMETICS they’re real Mascara

Why We Like It: You can widen the appearance of your eyes with this mascara product. Its bristles will help you curl your eyelashes from root to tip and create excellent length. It reduces any signs of drying or smudging even after several touch-ups.
It’s better to curl your eyelashes before applying your mascara because if you curl them afterwards your lashes may break off and you will also end up with the product all over the curler.

Price is $23.

3. Lip Products


Select a formula that contains natural ingredients like, essential oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E which can help to protect and hydrate your lips throughout the entire day, while also minimizing any signs of aging.

Hoppingo’s Pick: ORIGINS Blooming Sheer Lip Balm.

ORIGINS Blooming Sheer Lip Balm

Why We Like It: Scientific proof combines well with the power of nature in this lip balm. It is infused with essential oils, crushed flower petals, flower honeys, and repurposed buttery flower wax.
It is designed specifically to condition and hydrate your lips for long hours. Its subtle sheer and glossy color offers you a pretty and natural pout.

This cute balm is available in 8 freshly-picked color shades.

Price is $33.


A good shade of lipstick will not only assist with making your face brighter but it will also prevent you from appearing dull.

Although lipstick color choices are endless, your makeup kit is incomplete without default lip colors.
Nude and red hues are generally flattering and flexible enough to cover you from your workplace to any dance floor.
If you are completely new to buying lipstick, you should begin with less pigmented color hues and then gradually move on to bolder shades.

Hoppingo’s Pick: Try the MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick in neutral color shades before moving on to darker hues.

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick

Why We Like It: Lipstick products from MAC are iconic, and the MAC COSMETICS  Cremesheen Lipstick is not an exception. Its creamy, hydrating, formula offers average buildable coverage together with a pure, glossy finish, to instantly give you soft, luscious-looking lips and a subtle shine. So pucker up!

Price is $33.

4. Make Up Brushes

The outcome of your makeup application depends largely on which brushes you make use of.

As a newbie, you do not need or want dozens of brushes inside your makeup kit. You only require a few fundamental brushes that are ideal to start learning with.

Hoppingo’s Pick: ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set.

ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set

Why We Like It: This impressive makeup brush collection is for your face and eyes. It features 12 brilliantly handcrafted brushes that have matte-black handles and rose-golden ferrules stored inside a sleek clutch.
Equipped with top-quality bristles fashioned from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers ensure total coverage and perfect application.

The set includes the following brushes:

Concealer buffer.
Smudger brush.
Luxe Defined Crease brush.
Luxe Crease brush.
Luxe Petit Crease brush.
Luxe Pencil brush.
Luxe Soft Definer brush.
Luxe Smoky Shader brush.
Fine Liner brush.
Detail Shader brush.
Brow Line brush.
Wing Liner brush.
Small clutch (24cm x 12cm).

Price is $140.

5. Makeup Wipes and Q-Tips

For nights when you are too lazy or tired to thoroughly wash the makeup from your face, makeup wipes should come in handy.
Professionals make mistakes too—and daubing a Q-tip inside lotion is their remedy for erasing errors instantly.

Hoppingo’s Pick: MAC Cosmetics Wet Wipes effortlessly swipe away any smudges, leftover makeup, grime, and dirt and also help to condition your skin.

MAC Cosmetics Wet Wipes

Why We Like Them: Luxurious, oversized, and ultra-saturated, Mac Bulk Wipes leave your face well primed for application of moisturizer and makeup with the additional protection from vitamin E.
They come packaged with a reseal-able lid, so these bulk wipes will remain fresh, damp and ready for your use anywhere.

Price is $54

Regular q-tips are widely available in your local stores or supermarkets.

Dear makeup amateurs – That was our curated roundup of must have beauty products for beginners for you to select from.
Your makeup is supposed to improve your natural good looks, not cover them up. You really require just a collection of essential tools to explore a wide variety of looks. Ensure that you keep it real and simple. Beauty products for beginners is the most exhaustive beauty guide.

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Author: Team Hoppingo