BB Cream Pixy Reviews Curated by Beauty Editors


BB Cream is a multipurpose cream with the main aim of beautifying and brightening the skin. It covers, primes, conceals, moisturizes, and protect the skin from sun rays. We have included some BB Cream Pixy reviews curated by beauty editors.



  • Fit for all skin types.
  • Protects skin from sun rays.


Customer Reviews

Home Tester Club: The cream is light and brings out the makeup results you want for up to 12 hours – that’s the beauty of using PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefits BB Cream. Experience its four excellent beauty benefits on your skin– whitening, protecting, moisturising and beautifying.

Sephora: Life before Beauty Balm creams were dark days. These wondrous multitaskers make coverage a breeze on those busy days when full-on foundation just isn’t an option.

Aina Johor Bharu: Aina said the BB cream from Pixy has a medium coverage and matte finishing. She highly recommends it for people with oily skin. She also said although the texture is quite thick for a BB cream yet, she still loves it.




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Can I use Bb Cream every day?

Yes, you can since it is not as heavy as foundation. If you have an oily skin, then you should use the Bb Cream every day.

Can I wear Bb cream alone?

Yes, you can. Bb cream is made in a way that serves several purposes.  Wearing it alone creates a natural, fresh-faced finish.

What shades of BB cream are available?

There are currently three major shades of BB cream from Pixy: Ochre, Cream, and Beige.


Our Verdict

We agree with the BB Cream Pixy Reviews that this cream is beneficial to people who need protection from sunrays, especially for makeup lovers who want to apply makeup that will protect their skin.


For (+)

  • It brightens up makeup and keep the skin moisturised.
  • Protects the skin from sun rays.

Against (-)

  • It is a bit too thick for a beauty balm.

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