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Do you want a cream that does not leave you looking two toned or oily after use? These Maybelline BB Cream  reviews are here for you to make an informed choice on the Maybelline brand that’ll make you look radiant and glowing after application.



  • Protects skin from damage.
  • It moisturizes, covers Blemishes, pores and redness.


Customer Reviews

Spotlight said BB cream is not as thick as she expected and, that it takes a while to blend in with the skin. Upon initial application, she looked like a ghost and her face was too white which was due to the light shade she picked. However, despite the slight disappointment, she said the Maybelline BB Cream actually gave her cheeks a very nice radiant and glowing finish.

Paris B from My Women Stuff enjoyed a few elements of the BB Cream.  The nice thing about this Maybelline BB Cream is that it leaves no white cast nor does it oxidise on my skin. So I don’t have that dreaded two toned look after a while. As to whether it turns oily, it does but very moderately. I don’t have oily skin to start with and if I use a mattifying primer or base, I do not see the oiliness.

Ang Wan Ling from Try & Review said when the BB cream hype came to Singapore, she was really skeptical yet hopeful about it. She remembers when she was in her JC years and had very terrible skin problems – blemishes, pimples, uneven skin tone, you name it. And so when everyone was so hyped up about BB cream, she saved up some money and got her first bottle of BB cream, from Maybelline! Her life, or at least her skin, really turned around.



BB cream Maybelline reviews

You can find BB Cream Maybelline on Amazon for $54.27


Can I use BB cream every day?

Of course, you can. Using BB cream daily doesn’t cause any damage because it serves as a moisturizer especially for dry skin.

Do I need to use a Primer with my BB cream?

You really don’t need to use a Primer but if you want to use the two together, it is not a problem because a primer can improve the performance of BB cream.


Our Verdict

For (+)

  • It evens out the skin tone and reduces redness.
  • It is affordable.

Against (-)

  • For dry skins, BB cream isn’t effective as much as it should be and you might have to use a moisturizer before you apply BB cream.

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