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Few products can assure you of a 5-in-1 effect and BB creams are mostly popular for their ability to conceal blemishes. We have gathered some Bb Cream Garnier reviews to give you better information about this BB cream that promises so much, including anti-ageing benefits.


  • Functions both as Anti-ageing and Sunscreen
  • Hydrates skin and evens the skin tone
  • Conceals blemishes

Reviews Curated By Hoppingo

A customer on iHerb described this BB cream as magic because evens out her skin tone without applying makeup. It also acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen, so that’s really amazing. She said she doesn’t use any other BB brand and she’s happy she could get this product in her location.

Susie reviewed that this is her favorite BB  cream so far because it makes her face look flawlessly moisturized and natural instead of rough and oily. A bonus for her was that it didn’t make her break out while still providing decent coverage unlike other BB creams, foundations, or tinted moisturizers she had tried.

Lawrence  said this Garnier BB cream gives lots of coverage and works just great for oily skin. He said the BB cream was able to conceal his acne without getting his face oily like some other BB creams do.


bb cream garnier reviews

Bb Cream Garnier is on iHerb for $21.72.


  • How long do I have to be using Bb Cream Garnier?

You should start seeing the changes on your skin within the first four weeks of using this Bb Cream.

  • Does this BB cream contain UVA protection?

This BB cream has a broad spectrum SPF 15 which protects your skin from ultra violet radiation.

  • Do I need to use a primer before my Bb cream?

Your skin determines if you will need a primer or not. Basically, you can skip using the primer except you need to improve the performance of the Bb cream to meet your skin needs.

Our Verdict

From these Bb Cream Garnier reviews, we recommend this great product for everyone who desires to have a 5-in-1 amazing beauty result from using just one product.

For (+)

  • Makes the skin glow
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Product make the skin firm
  • Quite affordable

Against (-)

  • You might not get a darker shade of this product

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