It’s finally happening: There is a new baby coming and that means everyone gets to shower the mother-to-be with lots of love and excitement.
Since you have followed up so closely with the journey, you can’t help being overjoyed along with her.
You got the adorable pregnancy announcement, followed by the invitation to the baby shower and the whole experience was swoon-worthy.
Finally, the date for the shower is almost here and the time has come to match the entire cuteness overload with worthy baby shower gifts.
If your best friend, niece, or sister is expecting, bringing her nice baby shower gifts will surely touch her heart; helping her prepare for life with her little one.
Picking picture-perfect baby shower gifts can be tough; of course it is always nice to give the baby mama those things that she has signed up for – things she will really need and use) – however, if you also want your gift to her to be something different, unique and truly remarkable, you have arrived at the right destination.
We have put together the best baby shower gifts Singapore that will allow you to give your soon-to-be-mom friend something interesting, useful and cool that will attract the most sincere “ooo’s”, “aah’s” and “aww’s” from the guests.
You’re on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift idea — something that reflects the style of your friend and also expresses how much you care, but surely not something she will be getting three or four other versions of.
It’s cool. Wipe off that sweat from your brow and stay calm, because we have prepared a curated list filled with the very best baby shower gifts Singapore.
The best gifts for newborn babies are often unique, personal or even handmade. From burp wipes to nursery decorations, we have identified plenty of items which she will appreciate on that special occasion.
Browse and select from our gamut of baby shower gift ideas.
You can also adorn your present with the baby’s initials as well as baby shower messages and wishes.
Hoppingo’s list of remarkable baby shower gifts Singapore will warm, comfort, and welcome the cute little one.
Baby showers is usually hosted when it’s just a couple more weeks to the baby’s arrival. It is a great opportunity for the expectant mom to start handling the prospect of caring for the new baby.
With many of her close friends around, the mom-in-waiting can turn her living space into an environment where support, baby gifts, and baby tips are all within reach.
Baby Shower Etiquette
If you are reading this post, there’s a high possibility that you have received a baby shower invitation from a close friend or relative.
The next question on your mind is “what is the perfect baby shower gift?”
Well, the perfect gift doesn’t exist to be honest, but there are many excellent and interesting gifts (right here to be precise!) capable of leaving everyone present with their own baby shower fantasies.
Read the baby shower invitation to get more details about what you will need.
Most invites do come with everything you need to know about the event, like if there is a theme, and the baby’s gender, (if it’s known) etc and those are good cues to begin with.
You’ll definitely want to bring along one or two small trinkets (think diaper cream or baby socks).
Sometimes the baby shower may have its own theme, such as “baby’s library,” so bringing a new baby’s book along with other baby shower gift ideas is a win.
But if your goal to stray from routine baby stuff and bring something special and unique with you to celebrate the baby, that’s totally fine too (and we can also help you find a few sweet deals on baby ware). 
When it comes down to the etiquette of baby showers, there are no rules that say we must adhere to only those gifts on the invitation. 
As you make up your mind on what gifts to get, you should also think about what the mom-to-be and her partner will appreciate as newbie parents. Are they Eco-conscious? Design-savvy? Are they sentimental? Funny? Are they into travel? Literature? Sci-fi?
All these details will help guide your gift selections and you can come up with meaningful and spot-on baby shower gift ideas. 
Another creative thing you can do is to look closely at your baby shower invitation to see those items and colors they have used or mentioned; let that serve as a reference point for what type of gifts to buy.
Once you have put all these things into perspective, you can proceed to lock down your gift selection. To get you going, we have done all the hard work for you by narrowing down only the best baby shower gifts Singapore.
Do not be surprised when you discover the right baby shower gift ideas on our curated collections. Just add it directly to your online shopping cart for an instant checkout!
It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby shower or the 20th one you’re attending, you will never miss your mark with one of our adorable baby shower gifts.
We have “Welcome Home Baby” items and soothing toys that can help baby get lots of rest – and give the parents a break!


Author: Team Hoppingo