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Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel is soap-less and perfect for those who have oily or acne prone skin and need an everyday cleanser that gently but effectively helps to purify your skin, while respecting its physiological pH. However, since this extremely gentle cleanser does not contain harsh active ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it works well even on normal or dry skin, especially after a humid hot summer day.

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FutureDerm would recommend this product it if you have oily skin; it works so far as stripping away excess sebum, but the pumpkin seed oil and zinc gluconate are at the bottom of the ingredients list, so it’s safe to assume there’s not enough in there for this product to do much about treating your acne.

Pineapple Make Up felt that this product cleansed gently and effectively the face, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and balanced, but not dry or tight. It can even help calm sensitive skin! Additionally, this gel is fragrance-free and contains Avène Thermal Spring Water, a great soothing ingredient.

BeautyWithCal uses the Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel as part of her daily routine in Singapore. The product, according to her, helped control her sebum production which helped with her overall oily skin.


This Cleansing Gel can be found at Watson Singapore for $24.40

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel

Our Verdict

This is a great everyday cleanser, affordable and very effective. Would recommend it for daily use as it is indeed an all-round cleanser. However, should you have more problematic skin, it would be best to use another neutral cleanser

For (+) Against (-)
Hypoallergenic Not for acne removal
Non-comedogenic Not great for make-up removal
 Soap-free Cleanser


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