Ardell Naked Eyelashes  Review curated from the Web

Ardell Naked Eyelashes is a beauty product that adds a lot of glamour to your appearance. Unlike other brands of eyelashes, this brand stands out, especially for people in Singapore. The Eyelashes Ardell Naked reviews curated from the web should also help you decide on adding this product to your collection.


  • Super lightweight eyelashes.
  • Easy to apply eyelashes.


Customer Reviews for Ardell Naked Eyelashes

Amazon: Bridgid O’Neill on Amazon said she loves the lashes. She also said that if you ever want to look gorgeous without looking like your lashes are about to fly off your lids; these are the lashes for you. Plus, they’re the only ones that are actually easy to apply”

Raine Yeo: Raine on Sephora said it is very comfortable and you barely feel the band on eyelid, the lashes curl to a nice angle and can be used multiple times as she has used it more than 6 times and it’s still good!

Krysti Jenkins: Krysti said they are by far her favourite strip lashes! They are super lightweight, don’t give that “tired” eye feeling or the look of bags under the eye you get with some of the heavier lashes. The lashes gives one a natural yet full look. You are able to reuse them a handful of times before they become scanty and unmanageable but, with the value you get for the money, they are worth it.


Eyelashes Ardell Naked Reviews

You can buy these eyelashes on Sephora for $9



Can fake lashes destroy my real eye lashes?

No, they don’t, especially if you fix and remove the fake eyelashes correctly. However, too much use of fake lashes can destroy your eye lashes.

Can I wear fake eyelashes with mascara?

Yes, you can apply mascara on fake eyelashes.

Is it okay to wear fake eyelashes to sleep?

There are some fake lashes that you can wear to bed but the removable ones are a safer choice.


Do check out our video below on how to apply the eyelashes:


Our Verdict

We couldn’t agree more with the Eyelashes Ardell Naked reviews online that beauty and makeup enthusiasts will find Ardell lightweight quality eyelashes exactly what they need to achieve a sultry yet elegant look.

For (+)

  • It enhances your natural eyelashes in such a way that it is not too obvious that you added fake lashes.

Against (-)

  • It can only be reused for few times before it becomes scanty.

Let us know what you think about the eyelashes Ardell Naked reviews in the comment section.

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