Hoppingo’s Window Shopping Haul at Anthropologie Singapore 2021 – Everything Below $100

Anthropologie Singapore allows you to keep up with the ever- changing trend can be very demanding, especially in the world we live in today where it has become a daily occurrence to see new things and new ways of doing things. Household objects are not left out, from furniture, to cutlery, and so on, designs and styles get replaced day- in- day- out.

There is no gainsaying that women are the majority faced with this issue, and Anthropologie Singapore recognizes this fact; their target customer is the affluent and fashion- top woman.

Maybe you are one of the many women that have realized that the best way to stay ahead in this game is to remain true to your uniqueness and infuse creativity into your clothing and home décor, but, most times, the stress of having to shop from different stores at once all in a bid to get unique items causes you to eventually settle for the usual styles?

Stress no more! Anthropologie Singapore caters for this. When you hear of Anthropologie dresses, Anthropologie furniture, Anthropologie home, etc., you can be sure that they are a range of products with different options to fit different styles.

Anthropologie is a store we’ve been crushing on and we decided to window shop online. Especially now when they have a dedicated website for Anthropologie Singapore. Does online window shopping’ make you feel as good as actual shopping? Sometimes it feels better.

Checkout these 40 trendy items we window-shopped from Anthropologie. They are all available on Anthropologie Singapore at prices below S$100.00

What did we shop for? Aah I meant window shopped for from Anthropologie Singapore

  1. Xo Vase – Who knew a common inscription that depicts affection, “xo” scribbled on a piece can look this charming? This vase depicts beauty in simplicity perfectly. Get this ceramic vase to add colour to your surface and, brightness to your favourite blooms. It comes in small sizes and it can be cleaned easily.
  2. Levi Dinner Plates Set of 4 – Selling at a price of $S92.00, this is a top pick for a woman who wants to maintain a reputation of Grace and elegance even in the dining room. It has glazed stoneware with a subtle rustic edge and it can be used in a dishwasher and microwave.
  3. Keegan Airpods Case – This plastic case comes with a metal clip that helps reduce the possibility of misplacement since you can attach it to your bag or key ring. You get to enjoy a touch of personal style by picking your choice from a range of icons inscribed on it.
  4. Keegan Iphone Case – You don’t have to settle for boring when purchasing a protection shield for your iPhone 11 pro. Get both beauty and protection in this plastic and lightweight case. You are assured that your phone will be safe from scratches, dust and other possible forms of damage.
  5. Keegan Phone Wallet – This comes in handy if you are not a fan of too many things on your hands which can sometimes be burdensome, especially if you are on a stroll or have quick errands to run. This wallet can house your cards and, it has adhesive that will allow you attach it to the back of your phone firmly.
  6. Faux Fur Earbud Case – Get a better hold of your headphones and earbuds by stuffing them in this polyester stocking stuffer. Apart from the fact that it is cute, it also has features that doesn’t allow for tangled wires and just enough space to accommodate another gadget such as your USB.
  7. Embroidered Galanos Pillow – It is no secret the bliss a comfortable pillow can offer, especially when one is curled up on a couch or bed. This pillow is a beautiful work of art with pretty designs and embroidered embellishments. It also has a concealed zip so you can remove and wash the case regularly.
  8. Asungtaba Bicycle Basket – This hand-woven elephant grass leather bike basket comes in handy for quick trips to the grocery store or, you can just attach it your bicycle to give it that feminine touch. No one has to know that it is just for fancy!
  9. Market Dishcloths, Set of 4 – Combine function and beauty by getting this yarn- dyed cotton dishcloth. Little things like this in the kitchen that might come across to many as insignificant sure have a way of contributing to the look of the kitchen. Add brightness to yours with this. It comes in different colours in a cotton bag.
  10. Heartfelt by Anthropologie Felted Wool Coasters – Maybe not a regular item to be found in the home but it is definitely useful. It offers originality and delight. Handcrafted in Nepal, it is 100% wool, and would make for a heartwarming present to any woman.
  11. Old Havana Side Plates, Set of 4 – This glazed stoneware comes in blush colour, and it is as subtle but impactful to beauty as a blush is to makeup. It is dishwasher and microwave friendly.
  12. Quincy Spoons, Set of 4 – It is basic knowledge to always complement your dining décor by choosing the right set of cutlery. Quincy Spoons are made with stainless steel with brass finish and they fit in to any set- up.
  13. Quincy Forks, Set of 4 – Cutleries help to further communicate personal styles. Communicate class and elegance with the Quincy Forks. They are made with stainless steel with brass finish.
  14. Willow Decorative Vase – The first word that naturally comes to mind on sighting this piece is, “cute”. It is handcrafted from clay with finished with willow casing. It is particularly effective in showcasing dried blooms and faux stems.
  15. Acid Wash Baby Blanket – Ensure your baby’s comfort by playing a safe bet on this garment- dyed cotton blanket. It comes in coral colour and is very easy to wash.
  16. Kangaroo Bottle Opener – Express your love for beauty in little things by adding one of these to your home. Keep your guests guessing if it is just a home décor ornament, or more by putting it up on your wall -at least, just up until the moment you pick it up to open that bottle.  It is aluminum made and Kangaroo shaped.
  17. Essie Concrete Pencil Cup – Ensure organization and ease in accessibility by grabbing the chance to purchase this hand- poured concrete pencil cup. You can clean it regularly by wiping with a soft cloth.
  18. Dog Anorak Raincoat – Who says you can’t extend your sense of style to your dog? Definitely not Anthropologie. They have this comfortable water- resistant raincoat in stock. It is Polyester and has an adjustable fabric tab closure and a back flap pocket.
  19. Snow Way Kids Ski Goggles – This cute skiing adornment will sure leave your kid feeling pretty and stylish. It is made with polyurethane and nylon straps. It is suitable for kids between 3 and 16 years.
  20. Gradient Puzzle – This 100- piece cardboard puzzle is perfect to keep you occupied during your leisure time by requiring just the right amount of concentration. The end result is a beautiful art that lifts up your mood.
  21. Juniper Leather Frame – Made with a metallic finish and glass beaded embellishments, this frame makes for a beautiful addition on any surface.
  22. Victoria Frame – The look of this frame establishes the thought that comes to mind on hearing its name. It looks as regal as it insinuates; with its intricate designs that could have only been inspired by royalty. It is made with polyresin and glass, and is easy to clean.
  23. Celine Frame – The Celine frame is a beautiful frame for beautiful memories in pictures. It is made from iron, engineered hardwood and glass.
  24. Agate Geode Tray – Keep your accessories and ornaments in plain sight by arranging them in this box- like tray. It is made with natural agate and so, can be cleaned easily with just a damp cloth.
  25. Ezzie Elephant Planter – Are you in need of a plant vessel but, you do not want a conventional shape? Then, this elephant- shaped vessel is for you. Talk about versatility in art! It is solid and doesn’t have a drainage hole.
  26. Quincy Knives, Set of 4 – Complement your dining décor by choosing the Quincy knives. They are made with stainless steel with brass finish and they fit in to any set- up.
  27. Rainbow Watering Can – Doing something you love and having a beautiful sight to behold offers delight every time. This ceramic stoneware watering can is as beautiful as it is functional.
  28. Vera Wire Trash Can – This holder can serve multiple purposes. Just mount it on your wall and you are good to go, it can hold whatever you deem it fit to hold.
  29. Moglea Nebuta Wrapping Paper Roll – Make your gift extra special by wrapping it with this wrapping paper. By using it, your gift will not only look good because of its eye- catching designs, but it will also express how much thought you put into preparing it.
  30. Holly Monogram Glass Candle – Take your pick of the lettered monogram designs on this glass candle. Get it for yourself, or you can aim to elicit a heartwarming reaction from someone dear to you by gifting it to her. It has a 70- hour burn time, a Sasol paraffin wax blend, and a fil- tec wick in a metal vessel.
  31. Brandi Fringed Basket – It is hand-woven from Sisal and banana bark. It has a unique beautiful design that never fails to attract attention.
  32. Vic Oli Uv- C Sanitizing Wireless Phone Charging Hub – With its Uv- C led light technology, you can disinfect your phone even while charging. You can also use it on other items. It is made from plastic metal and has a USB rechargeable.
  33. Rosehip Throw Blanket – What better way to unwind after a busy day than to lie on your bed or couch with a cozy blanket around you? That is the dream right! This cotton blanket is beautiful and comfortable. A plus to it is that it is easy to wash.
  34. Tess Denim Rag Magazine Holder – Do you now find shelving your books boring, and would like to give your space a different look? This handcrafted pine wood and rag denim holder will fit in just right.
  35. Cookies Bake- and_Take Box – Leave a long- lasting impression- literarily – on your friends and neighbors by packing them some home- baked cookies in this. You can also use it to move your cookies to a party or a get- together without fear of them crumbling.
  36. Heidi Serving Set – This is an exceptional looking piece that will be very useful in your kitchen. Hand carved from acacia wood, you can be sure of durability.
  37. Skiing Hare Wine Holder – Improve your luxurious dining set- up to uphold your reputation as the elegant hostess with this uniquely- shaped wine holder. It is made with cast aluminum and iron and so, it is solid enough to hold your wine firmly.
  38. Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment – Yes, Anthropologie caters for beauty needs too. Are you in need of a natural way to brighten up your skin and clear off blemishes? This treatment contains turmeric, sunflower, beeswax, ginger, and so on, that work together to leave your skin feeling soft, clean and smooth.
  39. Birds Lightweight Cork Yoga Mat – This is a lightweight and easy to carry recyclable yoga mat. It is made from sustainably sourced cork and is naturally anti- microbial and non- slip. It is perfect for yoga because it resists mold, mildew and smells.
  40. Jacyln Braided Cuff Bracelet – Give your look that boho touch by pairing your outfit with this yellow braided cuff bracelet. It is made with 14k gold- plated brass cotton and braided into a tasseled pull- on styling.

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